My personal experience.

Stephan Birrell

Hi everyone,
The first thing I want to say,
is that at every field in your life you need patience.
My experience with trading was generally good,
but along the road I have experienced a lot of up's and down's.
I had a time when I was thinking that trading was a losers game,
and that I lost all of my money capital.
so then you ask yourself why I have said my experience was good with trading.
My friend keep listening now after that I learned a lot about trading and the markets.
I was looking at the videos and reading and learning about the subject.
After that I managed to make profits, then I had a withdrawal problems,
so I read about the policy and found out why I had issues. After that I was an expert at this field.
Hour by hour, day by day I became good and I made it this far to say that if you invest(in any possible way),
you will have your moneys' and times' worth.
You will success-ed only when you read all the little letters and actually have the time and learn whats needed.
Have a good day.


Forex trading is a constant learning, yet this is such an amazing world to enter and explore. Each trader should have own stages to reach the top. Patience and the cold mind are just the must.


yes i am agree with you patience are necessary for trade but new generation take

forex as a short way to earn high profit thats way the dont show patience and at

last loss .


my personal experience is not good i have loss many time i think knowledge is necessary for trade so i read the discussion on so in this way i able to recover my loss.


I'm sure any business takes time for you to understand it from the inside. And only your perseverance will help you to get out of the situation and achieve success. Everything is right. Only training and practical experience can become the best helpers. You can't give up. Trading is a kind of strength test. Even if you haven't had your own business before, here you can start a full-fledged business, which will immediately generate income. Let it be small, but personally yours, which does not depend on other people. The ups and downs are what makes us stronger. So good luck to you and other traders who came to trade to make it their business.


You are correct.
However, I know people that don't spend tons of time and efforts in order to be good at trading Forex.
They just have it. It's easy for them to understand systems and logic of the process - when I'm struggling with these things. I just want to say that if you have this talent + you are hard working person = you will see results much faster than person having just one quality. Also the quality of results will be higher. So I'm saying... if it's not your thing... does it worth the struggle? You will burn out so fast if you are doing this just for money.
Have a good day and take care!


yes agree the more time you invest in learning makes you realise its a long journey, never give up and always learn win or lose. you shouldn't do this as a main income source until you consistently can