My problem with Expert Advisor Forex Trading


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Thanks for the info, I’ve never used an EA and have always been a little unsure of them personally.


My lessons so far..Any time I am dealing with any and their prefered payment method is bitcoin, that is the biggest red flag for me. A big no.. no.. from now!


Nah, I'm done and decided to move on. If you believe he did get arrested, then that's good for his sorry scamming butt. Take care!
Thank you for describing everything like that! You must understand, that trade expert who was sold to you is just crap. Firstly, a good advisor will not cost so cheaply, and secondly, if the trading on your demo account is different from the real one, then the advisor works on the basis of impulses, that is, the time of execution of the transaction is important for it. Let the seller give him a broker to trade with!


Hi guys,

Well, I had thought I've done enough research and hoped for the best for this program, then a YouTube video saying that this EA is a scam led me here. I’ll get right to it so here's my story - though it is still early to really say but sadly, it is looking like it may go that way as it is still a matter of time for me to confirm on my part if this EA is a scam, but I still want to give it a try. I had just purchased this EA from that guy from Russia just last week on Wednesday, Feb 24th. I sent $399 BTC to the guy and he sent me just the EAexe file with it's "DLL" secured he says, (so that it can't be stolen or cracked) immediately the next day Thursday, Feb 25th with his own instructions, minor guidance and terms that I have accepted, all somehow coded to my two live accounts I am led to believe. Of course, this is still taking a huge risk but I'm going for it up to a point. Use me a the test rabbit LOL

I had started on a demo account first to try out his EA at $5,600 to test with, but as for now I believe it is not coded to my live account details I have sent him. As soon as I completed the set up and had hit the auto trading button, my demo account shown profit about $2,400 within about an hour or so using 9 currency pairs he advised under 5 minute charts but at that time it showed I think about a 10% -15% drawdown - which is what has me mostly concerned not the profits, I'll further explain. This guy expresses minimal to close to no drawdown at all which we all know it is B***SH**. There will ALWAYS be drawdown, at least that’s what my own somewhat newbie/mediate experience has been playing around with EA over the last 4 years. I still decided let it run to see and then, my demo account is showing a drawdown up a whopping 68% but here’s the kicker – the amount in my demo account has doubled. I will try to share my screenshots here:

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EAs in general are awful to be honest. Best learning for yourself and manually trading.