My problem with FBS copytrade

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Well, personally i have good review/ experience trading with FBS until I decided to try their copy trade app. It’s a total disaster.

I deposited 300 and follow 3 different trader initially, 2 is still trading “normally” until the first guy I followed “decided” to go haywire.

Haywire in terms of when I followed this trader ID 1375474. Floating was normal on the first day -70% till the point it reaches -90% (-90$) then I decided to talk to live chat. Take note all these while the trader’s DD was at -40 to -46% (6%) while mine is already at -70% to -90%

This representative couldn’t answer my simple question as trader and just keep telling me they hidden the traders trade for protection/ so that investors couldn’t copy manually. I’m fine with that too, so I ask for solutions. He advice to topup. I was like ok, I’ll topup another 100 to see how things goes.

Here’s when the magic happen, right after I topup additional 100 to the trader. While his DD is at 46%, instantly I saw my floating JUMP from -90$ to -128$ then in less than 1 minute to -188$.

I instantly check on the trader’s DD again, guess what. DD remain at the same value -46%, while my whole new portfolio -2x DD.

As an experienced trader, are you telling me that within 1 minute the traders open more new positions and lose further 50% of the total “new funding” while the DD is stagnant?

Of course, I’m currently waiting for response from their so called IT team, and I know that they will hinder all my queries and doubts by throwing out their long list of clients agreement **** to shut u up.

Conclusion, 0 transparency. Will I ever topup to their CopyTrade again? No Heck, and guess what? I will not even topup to manual trade as well with FBS anymore despite the fact that I have no issue with deposit, withdrawals, or quotes, executions trading manually with FBS.

And definitely too, my group of clients will never ever open trading account with FBS too. 200$ to see this scam company definitely worth every penny.

All your bull**** licenses, keep it to yourself. I’ll never promote your platform ever again and if I does that, it will only be flagged as SCAM broker.



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