My problem with SunbirdFX

Thanks for the advice. The new rep who I am in contact with is more responsive and processing my request. And is keeping me up to date with my request. I have updated my review of them to 3 Star currently.
Sometimes a new rep can fix problems. Sometimes a new rep is just a new source of never-ending delays. Please keep everyone updated on how things turn out.
thats a start, and i hope it continues to good till everything is sorted, do keep up update on how it goes, best of luck.
My issue of payment is being resolved...:) dtd 23 Feb 2015
They dont pay me too!!! My manager (rep) said that I not enough make trades. She stropped my withdrawals!!!
So, I wanted to make group to write collective application in Police, payment service, liquidity providers and etc. And I met one french man, a few days ago he said that SnbrdFX paid him via card.

Don't have illusions that they will be good people in future. In near future we can dont see them quite.

I have some idea how to get back our money. I will write it to Pharaon. He'll say it to you later.
In addition, french man wait his money for 2 month(!!!!!). Its too long! ....And SunbirdFX have chat operator ONLY for opening accs!!!
Thats all, I had write to Pharaon my suggestion.
]SunbirdFx don't bought YoutradeFX, because of its the same Company. Look for at and you'll see that they are from ....(you'll se..=))) ) ...and from the first day SunbirdFX was brand of YoutradeFX company's Group!!! Your link it is a "duck" for lols with big money.
See following link to understand what is going on:

Exclusive: SunbirdFX Owners Absorb youtradeFX Group’s Brands
Hello and thank you for your suggestion. I left a review of the broker to One star, and they responded to me promptly.
Also have been able to withdraw half my deposit with them, USD 1,000. The other half, they have asked me to
allow them to trade for me and show me how they can convert the account to a profitable one. In about 2 to 3 weeks, the account has grown from USD 1,000 to USD 1,500. Have upgraded my review of them, now. I will monitor my account closely. From this experience, I can see that they are very concern about poor reviews of the company. Will keep all updated.