My road to 100k with daily profit


Nope! Nothing funny at all nor am I a liar (which is not very polite of you to accused someone)....just that when I clicked on your link, a guy going by the name of Yusef Scott was on Utube going on about making $97K in 45 days.
If this is the truth you speak, i think you can Show me that link.If you dont want to send the link here, you can send it to me as a pm.
But i have no partnership with this Person you speak about and i dont know him.


It's interesting to observe the achievements of a person who has set a goal. Although it is quite large. I did not expect that you can achieve success with such a small start-up capital. Probably all the rules have their exceptions. I don't even know how applicable the risk management and money management and other standards that we use every day. I see that many members here do not believe that this could have happened. Maybe it's really a fake. These are just fabulous results in such a short time.