My Sad Story With


Review of (Global Financial Broker)In the beginning everything was fine, with the trader increased the deposit. He even took off first $ 100 from the platform, then $ 200. Got a loan for a quick increase in one-day positions. The deposit is about 10,000 dollars, 4000 of which are a bonus from the trader as a coinvestor. We still put positions, we increase to 13,000, in the minus about 1800 dollars. Like the rules It's time to close the briefcase. The trader (Igor Demidov, at least so is written in Skype, and he introduced himself) passes me to the representatives of the primbroker responsible for withdrawal of funds. Calls to me Yaroslav Orlov (also a name is Skype). We with him close the positions in the minus using the hot keys under his guidance. Also put USD / ZAR - the so-called cross position. The position closes and leaves the means from his words to the prime broker. Next - the most interesting. Fasten the straps. Calls us Yaroslav and says: you need to deduct 1,500 dollars in order to deduct the whole amount, as these are the company's rules. The two positions were closed minus and went on insurance. I'm in shock. Call the trader. The trader says: yes elementary, it's insurance, everything is right. And these 1500 will also come to the bill. I'm looking for feverish money. I'm making a salary and vacation. We make the same manipulations with USD / ZAR with Yaroslav. Says - all is well, the position has worked. I will calculate the conversion amount. In the evening, he rings and says: now you need to make 2100 dollars for conversion, since the money is in the instruments of commerce. I'm back in shock. But, he says, I do not want to spoil you a vacation, I will make 1050 dollars from you, and you own 1050, then give it on requisites. I thought, what kind of person is good, helps. I'm looking for 1050, I borrowed. Then I make the same manipulations. He says: my money does not miss the system, as it does not allow the primewriter employee to pay money to the client's account. I'm looking again for 1050, I'm taking credit, I'm making the same manipulations again. Waiting for the answer. Calls after a while, since the hot key you did not work on the platform web, you had to use desktop, there hot keys are programmed by our company technicians . You should have known this before you give it to the trade. You did not ask it from the junior manager whom you ought to have known. I, after all, says, I do not know how each platform is arranged, I have 17 of them. In general, the situation is as follows: you need to add 2100 using the desktop platform, the hot key will be programmed by our specialist. Well, everything, I think, will still bring 2100, and money will bring me all. I'm looking for money, borrowing, putting under the leadership of Yaroslav, we put the same position. We are waiting for two days. Calling, says everything is fine, your money is converted. Now you need to make $ 2,447 for rollovers. And here I am small: scammers! How is your land worn!? You did what I did, it was all my savings! Yaroslav says: yes, what problems, add another 2447 dollars, the company does not spend money, and then you can withdraw these 2447 dollars, such rules, to the connection! Now I'm shocked by myself: how long did it take to think that it might be scammers! What an idiot, my god! Now I wrote in response to their post by mail that I will make a charjack, if my money is not returned, I only need the ones that I have made, I do not need fraudulent profits. They worked on whether everything was good, whether the service was pleasant ... People, hear me! They are sure of how you will feed your family, give them loans, they'll be purple! One answer: I'm just doing my job, these are the rules of the company. When he asked for an official document about the size of so-called rollovers, he replied: there are no official documents, this is a simple open operation ... Do not believe it, do not be idiots like me!