My Trading Experience at CentroFX was enough to make me Spam for them in Scam Alerts


CentroFx employee pretending to be a client
Hey guys,

I'm here to tell you about my trading at CentroFX and how happy i am with them.

I've traded in the past with so many different brokers, and most have not met to minimum standards,
I've been trading the last 4 months with CentroFX and i'm amazed with the customer service and support and help from my Account Manager Bradley.

Spreads, execution are very competitive and i advise you guys to check them out, and also one of the few companies to use MT5 as a standard
This is the link to their website.
Trust me you won't regret the service and extraordinary help this company has given me, and the chance to recover from losses i had in previous brokers.

Your everyday trader,
Josh Higgins

Spam Cat is impressed with your deep love of CentroFx. You love them so much you just had to start a thread to spam about how great they are in Scam Alerts.

Since you are so desperate to have your views of CentroFx on display, Spam Cat will give your thread a permanent place in Spammers Hall of Shame.

UPDATE: Spam Cat is very impressed that you then tried to sign up as CentroFx's representative. Were you such a happy client that they hired you a few days later?