Forex Blogs My way ... and results



I wanted to tell you about my experience in Forex and what I came up with in the end.
Back in 2003, I got acquainted with such an interesting concept as Forex, there was a restless involvement in this interesting activity. My eyes were glowing, I wanted to earn a lot and quickly.

At first, like all beginners, I opened demo accounts and "played", but in the end I always almost got a plus, profit! I was shocked, and my aura was filled with an incredible energy of freedom and understanding that-THIS IS IT! I'm a master! What's so hard about it? After all, you can earn money!
I later realized that this was the "novice effect".

On the wings of happiness, I went to the bank and took out a loan for 3 000 USD.
I opened a real account, credited money to a trading account, and when I saw real money on my trading account, a certain veil of simplicity disappeared even then.
There was a certain slight fear, doubt.

On demo accounts, I traded without a system, using most of the cluster indicators: MA, MACD, and others. I used classic technical analysis with support and resistance levels. But that wasn't the system. I traded "like everyone else".

Before opening a trade on a live account on the EUR/USD pair in 2004, I thought for about an hour, analyzed something, it is not clear what. I looked at the indicators, rechecked them, and decided to open my first trade on a live account.
I didn't really follow the economic news at the time, and I thought that this was some kind of unimportant parameter. And that was one of the first mistakes...!
After opening the deal on the same day, I got on Nonfarm Payrolls.

At the release of data on this news, the price began to fluctuate very powerfully, in my veins the blood gradually froze and warmed up sharply under the release of adrenaline, and after a while it froze again, this was the beginning of steel hardening…
I then opened a trade without applying "risk management" and one trade was like 10% of the deposit. The price immediately went in the negative direction of my trade by more than 170 points and grew…

When I saw after 4 hours that the price is slowly growing and does not return back, I was discouraged and very depressed – after all, all my dreams collapsed at once.
The deal was suspended for 7 days, every day I prayed that the price would come back…
I got up at night, watched the chart on the monitor, but the price was at higher levels and continued to grow.

It was a shock!

Apparently since then the first gray hair began to appear
After 7 days, I plucked up the courage and closed 55% of the deposit at a minus, at a loss.
The weekend came, and I spent the whole two days analyzing my mistakes and understanding the "zen" in the Forex world.

And it was decided to create its own trading system. I used banal methods to find matches from one point of historical quotation data to another point. I compared the data.
Several dozen trading systems have been developed. The systems were based on indicators, without indicators, on the search for evidence, etc.…
Before 2005, I still leaked (lost) the balance of my credit money in my live account.

I concluded that it wasn't mine. And he continued to do his main business, in particular in the field of programming.
But the idea of the possibility of a stable income on Forex did not let me go…