My withdrawal problem with MxTrade


Good morning
I also find myself in the situation that I am being denied the withdrawal of my capital paid and indeed be asked me (on the phone today) to pour more capital to get back in four days all my capital, before the prize sum I it was given in the terms and then to my answer of no availability of money by lowering this request up to the value of € 2,000; I paid up capital amounts to € 16,000 paid in several times urged by Mr Alessio Ferretti; I adhered to the opening of an account with this broker because I found that I thought was real advertising on the Internet and especially because they taught me the techniques and followed the operation in forex; I also copied the operations of some users in sirix platform by making available, initially I even gave my opinion in favor of operations in my account by Mr Ferretti, but after a short time I lifted with this email availability, realizing that operations were happening strange in my account that I changed the login password, the account now I have removed access and MT4 I can not access while in sirix platform still see the availability of the account; On 26 02 2016 I made my first request for withdrawal of my paid-up capital, repeated other times by email, phone and website chatting, but as of today the only thing that has occurred, is that as mentioned above they asked me to pay more capital
How and when did you deposit?

If by credit card, contact the fraud department at the card's issuing bank. Explain exactly what happened and how the ability to withdraw your money from your account was blocked. Ask about a chargeback based on failure to provide a promised service. Report back here about what they say.