South Africa. Standard Bank of South Africa. Since Sept, Oct. Nov. 2017. Bank is still busy with my chargeback request.
Your lucky UK banks don't give a's almost as if they have taken instruction from someone higher up. I am with Metro bank and they blatantly lied to me and won't do anything. I'm considering filing a suit
I used two different charge cards from
For the the opposite happened even though the facts stood out clearly. Do you mind me asking what country, bank and how long ago?
two different Australian banks, Citibank Australia and NAB. One case went quickly and the other dragged on for several months until this February.


That is why these forex or binary options broker never add paypal because paypal has very solid chargeback policy and brokers funds will be frozen in any suspicious activity. Bank funding always have problems in chargebacks.


Paypal itself also has strict policies about who and what they will process transactions for. Officially, they will not process transactions for any of these "brokers", so any of them that are using Paypal to accept payments are likely in violation of their own agreement with Paypal. That should make it easier to make a case against them using the Paypal dispute system.

Someone had mentioned something about Section 75 earlier and that it did not work for them. Section 75 is only for credit card payments for cards issued by a UK bank. One of the limitations of Section 75 is that it cannot be used for "funding transactions". Obviously, with many of these "brokers", there is no actual "funding" that occurs, but since the transaction type itself is classified as a funding transaction, it falls outside of the Section 75 guidelines.

The FCA Inspector

Does not appear to work for the FCA
1 - the FCA warns about mychargeback, calling them "scammers"

Reuben Eliaz

MyChargeBack Representative
1 - the FCA warns about mychargeback, calling them "scammers"
The FCA did not call MyChargeBack "scammers," but in any event it has admitted that this warning was issued in error and has now removed it from its own website.
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