(John Hubbard)


This was a testimonial I sent to John last week, this week +84 pips 4 day week due to easter and and only one proper technical trade Thursday, Friday due to all the News movement

This guy is the real deal and the most genuine I have come across in 6 years, dont normally post on forums but felt compelled to share my experiance so far.

Signals..... mentoring........ daily ACCURATE reports with updates throught the day to keep you on the right side of the market....... £50 a month with an 8 day FREE trial to see for yourself ...................... Er Hello wake up and smell the coffee if you want to succeed

Good Days YES....... Quite Days YES ......... Profitable Days YES...... for me one loseing day in 3 weeks and that was through my own lack of discapline and not sticking to the laid out afternoon plan sent out in an update

So my tally is standing at +571 pips for 3 weeks 2 of them 4 day weeks due to Easter 78 % winning trades. I would love someone to show me better I will join them as well............... couldnt ask for more

Couldnt be happier John, Finished my second week of following your service with a pip count of +330 and in just 4 days. This adds to my first week tally of +157. I was digesting the morning report better this week and acting on it. You were 100% accurate on early direction all week, and once again your updates through out the day continued to keep me on the right side of the market. The tech levels gave me a number of +50 pip trades, and the accurucy of your of your support and resistance is so good it gives me all the confidance of where to trade to and from for the smaller trades . I am finding it so much easier to keep my discapline as you give such clear guidelines and I am acheiving 80% winning trades. Thank you so much for your time and effort and sharing your great understanding of the markets at a price affordable to all amazing. I know my trading is going to go to a whole new level and I am so glad I found your service. Thank you so much Simon


Dear Freddy,

Are you still receiving signals from John Hubbard? If I may ask.
If so where would I find his service and sign up to it?

Thanks in advance,