Myfxbook moderator (assistant fraud)

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Support / Moderator
someone there "died"
I wrote some support messages, 4 days ago,
no answer, and no reaction at all ...

PM for Staff

PM for

ALL NOT WORK / No answer 4 Day.

funny support!

Nope, you're funny here.
You should invite the company to this thread, following these steps:

P.S.: Stop posting your fake Russian/Ukrainian websites and calm down! Just follow the steps provided by FPA. Otherwise no one will help you with your 'issue' and all will be just false complaints and you'll probably also get blocked with your multi-accounts.


FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
This thread is about a complaint over someone being banned by MyFxBook's forum moderators.

This may or may not be terribly unfair. This may or may not be part of some evil conspiracy. Or, this may be a totally unfounded allegation by someone who is related to a group that has come to the FPA to attack many MyFxBook members.

I and my team ban people who break the FPA's rules frequently. The FPA is privately owned, as is MyFxBook. This means that decisions here and at MyFxBook are up to each forum's moderators and admins. The FPA has its standards for banning. Other forums have their own standards. If MyFxBook's leaders want to initiate a discussion with me, I'll be happy to chat with them. What I won't do is demand they come here to explain their reason for banning someone. I'd be very surprised if any other forum demanded I explain why the FPA banned someone.

This complaint is outside the scope of items covered by the FPA's Traders Court.

I believe this thread can serve no further useful purpose, so I am closing it.
Not open for further replies.