ali reza

My Acc# : 687614

i have made a withdrawal request with these details :
Ticket: 892530
Method:Web Money (WMZ)
Amount:$ 500.20
Date:Aug 18, 2011 10:41

they didn't execute my order.
i sent some ticket to them for follow ...(below text's)

Ali Reza ****
Aug 22, 2011 :
Hello. i have maked a withdrawal request about 3-4 days ago.but it doesn't execute till now.can you please say to me when it will done? regards

Nano4x finance
Aug 22, 2011:Hello, The withdrawal will be processed in 48 hours

Ali Reza ****
Aug 26, 2011:
Hello... When I requested for withdrawal will be done? you told me 3 days ago!5 days after my request... today is 26 agust ...

anyone didn't answer to me... and then i sent another tickets(below texts)

Ali Reza ****
Aug 30, 2011 : why you don't execute my withdrawal request?it is more than 2 weeks from my request and anyone don't answer to me.if you don't answer to this latest ticket with a exact answer , unfortunately i have to complain from nano4x to FPA(forex peace army) and i will send a "SCam Alert" to them.

Ali Reza ****
Aug 30, 2011 :eek:ne of my firends that he worked with nano4x said to me that you have a problem with your exchanger?if it is correct please specify for me that when you will solve your exchanger problem?

they have Skype ID : nano_pr
More times their ID is online but anybody don't answer to my PM's.

It was My first withdrawal Request from Nano4X .
All conditions was good.I don't know Why They Don't answer to me.
it seem's that they don't have any problem with my profits.
i said to them i will send a "Scam Alert" on FPA.
If No , please Do My Withdrawal Request.

I want From FPA to help me.

ali reza

Hello again.
After my latest request on FPA , i send another ticket for them.
finally they answer to my ticket today after near 21 days!
i send latets ticket's for you.

Ali Reza ****
Sep 07, 2011 : Sorry.i have to complain From nano4x To FPA. they will consider my request and if my reasons was "OK" they will label "NANO4x" as "SCAM" and will send it to all of Traders. you can read my complain Here.

Nano4x support
Sep 07, 2011 : Hello, We are affecting some problems with WM. In near 2-3 days we will not accept WM and have no possibility to send you. Request will be accepted in near 2-3 days after we will get full WM authorisation. Im asking you to excuse our financial department. In future there will be no problems with WM deposits. Btw they able to send you your withdrawal request via Wire.

it seems i should have alittle more patience again...
this thread is open ...