Nano4x Reject to execute my withdrawal Request

Nano4x is a totally scam
My name is mohamed hosam
Account no 713703
I am 5 years experience trader
I open my account with nano4x at 03-25-2012
I uploaded my documents
They approved it in the same day
I deposit 100 $ by LR at 06-20-2012
They gave me another 100$ as a bonus
I traded and made a profits with a total balance 370 $
They null the 100$ bonus from account with 20$ of my profits
I made a withdrawal of 241 $ to my LR
They reject my withdrawal request to take my money after making a profits
They approved my documents in the begin then they request to upload documents again
I upload my national ID,Driving license and elec. bill
They told that wait 7 days to approve your documents
I get amazed when they reject all my documents in the same day
and reject my withdrawal for the 2nd time
Now , I don't know what shall i do to take my money from this scammed?
Now,the question is:
why is it very easy to deposit, impossible to withdraw?!!!!

Brothers,please help me get my money from this brokers
thanks in advance,
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Leave a 1 star review if you haven't done so already.

Go ahead and resubmit your documents. You've got nothing to lose at this point.

If they really do take 7 days to approve non-English documents, but initially approved yours in one day, that would be very strong evidence showing that the initial documents aren't even checked and are just automatically approved so that you will deposit money.

Email them the link to this thread. Ask them to please have a representative comment on why your documents were approved so quickly at first and rejected so slowly later.

Lee Chwan

Nano4x Representative
Hello everybody.
1. Account 713703 already 67 USD on balance
2. Additional verification of client needed only in one case - we suspect client in fraud operations or a lot of IP duplicates with other clients.

In case of 713703 - client suspecting in credit hunting.
- opened account
- received 100% bonus
- opened 2 large orders on full possible margin
- after positions closed, client requested immediate wd

We had no questions to his trading, but it's client responsobility to upload needed docs as it listed in rules (ID or Passport or Driver License and Proof of Address) in english or with notary english translation. We have fast approvement of docs at the account opening, but during 1st WD our managers re-checking all uploaded docs, and if it is not enough, they asking to upload additional (but as I said if client uploaded needed docs at the begining - no probs with such clients).

In case of 713703 - client uploaded only back side of his ID in arabic, without photo, without name, and without proof of address. So of course we asked him to upload additional docs. But instead of it he:
1. Opened thread here (to extort fast WD without additional docs)
2. Continued to trade (as I see he had account with other broker offering bonus)

It is the official position of the company on a given client, coz all we asked him listed in rules.

Lee Chwan

Nano4x Representative
Also one word regarding this phrase: They null the 100$ bonus from account with 20$ of my profits
It's bonus rules and client as Experienced trader, I think, read it before applying for 100% bonus
Point 3: Nano4x | Crediting
any body could say anything
so what is the proof and evidence that my account is in fraud manipulations with the received 100% bonus?!!!!!
where is the proof that a lot of IP duplicates with other clients?!!!!
this is a lies to prevent me from taking my profits
Concerning my document you didn't upload them all due (to Maximum allowed size is 300kB) as indicated in your site
I am already uploaded what you request which (National ID and Driver License and Elec. bill as Proof of Address)
I am in the market from 2008
it is 1st time for me to see this case
your behavior didn't told anything other you are just stole my money
Let us see what this scam did with my account today:
1-this guys have a stop out 100% from the margin
2-I took a full margin position with 213 $ as a margin
3-my account get a margin call with a balance 67$
could any trader accept this fraud,cheating and scam from these guys?
befor openning.jpg
after openning.jpg
As the company reject the cooperation with me to get over this very much problems from their side
I need them to reply here a bout my questions:
why is this positions didn't get margin call before the market was closed?
why is this price difference between them mt4 chart price and my positions?
please see this:
befor openning.jpg

Lee Chwan

Nano4x Representative
Where is a probs? We have no questions to your trading. We have questions to your docs.

You told that you work on FX since 2008.
Why you have questions regarding Margin Call? You can check your trades and see level of margin per trade.
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