Need Help - Kinda Unique Story - Brokers/vantage/tradeview


Hey everyone.

First off, my story is a bit weird and I'm getting desperate so I'm trying to post it here see If you guys can help me sort it out. I dont know If I posted it in the right forum section so mods can go ahead and move it sorry in advance. I'll try to keep it short. Please read it all.

So I'm from Quebec, Canada.

In 2016 a friend of mine convinced me to sign up into Imarketslive (the fx mlm company i'm sure you know what it is). I didn't even know what forex was at the time. I signed up and didn't even succeed to get any disciples (lol) on my team. A couple of weeks later Imarketslive was being banned in the Province of Quebec by the AMF (the financial markets regulators of Quebec). Every member of iml that were residents of Qc at the time received a letter asking us to stop talking about iml, remove anything related to iml on our social media etc. So I did that. The letter also stated that there were no criminal charges against us, no accusations whatsover, if we immediatly removed everything related to IML.

There was also a media press release talking about it on Lapresse, a media company in Quebec. There's an article talking about it online.

I truly discovered what forex was a couple of years later in 2018-2019 and fell in love with it. I have accounts with off-shore shady brokers and now want to move to a real trusted broker. If you didn't know, because of Canada regulations, most of trusted brokers won't accept Canada residents, except for VantageFX, Tradeview Markets, etc. Many people in Canada use these brokers and love them.

Now there's my problem: I am trying to register with either Vantage or Tradeview, but my application gets declined because they run a world check on my name and the article on Lapresse comes up. I can't believe it, it's very frustrating because 1- IML still operates in Quebec as of 2020, I have even seen people still promoting it. 2- I really don't like IML and I now know it is bull****. 3- There weren't any criminal accusations whatsover, only a letter asking me to stop promoting IML (which I did) 4- At the time I didn't even know promoting IML was "illegal" haha.

Managers at Tradeview and Vantage are asking me to provide proof that I didn't have any criminal charges or accusations, or that my name was forgiven. I don't know how I can provide proof when I didn't even go to court or was criminally accused at all for it?

I have been trying everything, tried to explain my story but it seems there's nothing I can do about it. There's no way for me to trade fx on a trusted broker just because I accepted to sign up in IML in 2016. Ironically, i'm sure there are a bunch of IML reps currently trading with vantage or tradeview :mad:

What would you guys do? Please help me

PS: english is not my first language so it makes it even harder for me to explain my story. Thank you guys!