Need Information for IIB International Brokers


Hello Everyone,

My friends got this email on April 18, 2017 from IIB International brokers and he really shock after read the email.

Dear Clients,
We IIB INTERNATIONAL BROKER going through some challenging situations with our liquidity provider, where they have failed to process our withdrawal and froze the funds with UK federal system by saying AML volition. Unfortunately, we cannot get it sorted quickly as it may take long time.

And we totally understand your reaction as it ceased the operation and trading.
Therefore, we have concluded by refunding client’s funds back to you. But we have an issue, since all the funds are locked with the liquidity provider we will not be able to process any transaction now.

So, our CEO have suggested to sell our corporate assets and liquidate them, and repay all the accounts holder fund by 40 cents per dollar for now. Until we can sort out our issue with LPs.

We will process the payment of these 40 cents per dollar batch by batch on quarterly basis. Our first prioty will be to solve the clients who haven’t recovered capital from black gold trading.
Then other will follow on second batch.

We regret this turn off event and we are working toward to solve it.
Therefore, we need your co-operation and full support with us.

In My Question, LP have the right to hold client funds?



i also look in their website and don't see anything about them going under, but maybe this attachment email from them to my friends can be one of proof if their have a problem.


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