Need simple day trading strategy!


Hello! :) I'm Sara and I'm from Egypt. I'm posting here hoping to find a few answers to my questions and possibly get some help. I have tried to trade before with a few brokers but I don't prefer to continue with any of the ones I tried. Am looking for a simple day trading strategy, thats why im here! Am also looking for a broker that offers promos and demo accounts, also low spreads would be greattt!! Also I wanna stay trading on mt4. Anyone can help? :)

FPA Forums Teams Note: Please use this thread just for Day Trading Strategies. There are already multiple threads in this folder for broker selection.

You can also go here to get a general idea of how to find a broker...

How to Select a Forex Broker


Finally with regard to strategies. It is a common misconception in trading with fair new traders that there are strategies that you can just pick up and use. The reality is a strategy is something you have to come up with yourself to fit around how YOU trade. You are best off doing some learning about how the market moves on the education section of this site or others and then studying the charts and working out how you can put into practice what you understand and learned. It takes time and it will be frustrating but I can assure you that it will be of far greater benefit to your development than seeking out other people's strategies. Best of luck!


hey guys!! im a beginner here looking for answers also lol. i never trade before so i have no strategie to work with. i dont want to to start wiyh a big deposit, smthg as little as like 1500 BRL. maybe later i can put more but for now that is it.


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Gents I can recommend using Supply and Demand trading style.
Youtube has lots of good content on it and it Catches nice big moves and crucially makes sense to me