Neerav / Nirav Vadera (G7FX) Exposed

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I'm also student of Nirav / G7FX, and I gotta admit what BennyFlippen has said right here looks worrying and I agree with all of it. On this FPA thread here:

I checked the source codes myself for the Sierra Chart templates myself, and they are the exact same. The intra-day VWAPs, higher time frame VWAPs, sh*t they are all there.

I also found the original programme / software for them so find it here:

Also note the source codes between the VWAPs he gives out and the ones in the link above.

ALSO! Please note:

"This program includes : ECIVwap ECIAnchorVwap and ECIVwapChannel

Developed by Emmanuel Chriqui (aka wwwingman).
Contact :

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program. If not, see <"

I thought Nirav custom build these on the back of his expertise in an institution?

And the source code on Nirav's VWAPs is ECIVwapV1.5 (version 1.5). See photos attached and make the link between them and The Private Bankers and the link above.

Nirav's VWAP codes below, in line with the link above:




I can appreciate that VWAP, cumulative delta, footprint and market profile are all well-known tools, but these chart templates are just too similar to "The Private Banker" and "John Grady" for my liking. I think he especially owes The Private Banker an apology for more or less ripping his course, templates and gaining a profit on the back of Private Bankers expertise.

I did some digging and research myself before I bought the course and yes, I did stumble upon some things which concerned me, but I thought I'd give the dude the benefit of the doubt due to: his 5-star reviews, his Myfxbook results and his "Ex-institutional Trader" experience and knowledge. You're not just paying for a course man, you're paying for the supposed expertise from the person who built it, and included a wealth of knowledge from his own experience. I'm afraid this is extremely deceptive and lies directly below: SCAM.

Scam meaning: "A scam is a deceptive scheme or trick used to cheat someone out of something, especially money. Scam is also a verb meaning to cheat someone in such a way." His deceptive scheme is that he poses as an ex-institutional trader and is revealing the tools and experience he was given from a world class education in a Bank and in a prop firm, which entices people (like me) to buy the course. THAT IS WRONG.

The 5 star reviews I also agree stink. I disagree that all are fake due to people just having one review, because I have only 1 review on my trust pilot so I get that people won't write review a lot of things. But i do agree the reviews are from people who were so pumped by these unknown techniques and thought they'd finally found a system which works. There are no reviews from people with any real experience of trading futures using or knowing of the tools to trade them.

I wanna congratulate Bennyflippen for discovering the 1000-pound trading account, because if he hadn't spotted that then I'd sure as hell still thought Nirav was living off of the profits. This really makes me question the whole "separate monthly accounts" stuff. Because I really gave the dude the benefit of the doubt when I saw the question was raised a while back, but now I think it's completely possible he has numerous accounts running at one time. We'll just never know everyone. Matter of the fact is, this guy is claiming he is living off of the profits shown on myfxbook although he always says "this is a small percentage of my trading, I trade futures more and make more on oil and S&P", i think he just says this to cover himself in case this very situation happened. I'm trading a bigger account than him SMH.
That's all my comments on what Benny said, now I'd like to discuss something else. This is something I discovered a while ago, but never felt the need to post anything because the man is so damn believable in the course so I guess I just let it slip and let my guard down because of that.


Here goes:

So, as you guys may have seen. Nv has been connected to a couple of companies in the past, which ain't suspicious. Not at all. But one company in particular I couldn't get my head around:

That is "Quant GRP LTD". See here:

See registered officers here:

You see Neerav's name? Awesome. That's where your trail will end likely. I want you to remember the other guys name: ASIM ABBASI. Please remember it.

Next, have a look at Quant FX Instagram account here:

Take your time to have a look around. See any futures trading? ES or CL? VWAP? Order-flow? Market profile?

Nah. All you see is same old technical analysis and not even a whiff of futures. All minute based foreign exchange spot market analysis.

So what's the connection with Nirav and 'ASIM ABBASI'? Have a look at Quant's Facebook:

Who's name and face is in the cover photo? Asim Abbasi! There's your connection.

Ya'll see on the UK companies house website that Nirav / Neerav only resigned from the company just a year ago this month? Strangely, just before he started appearing online posing as an ex-institutional futures trader.

1.) Asim Abassi - Companies House:

2.) Neerav Vadera - Companies House:

3.) Neerav Vadera, Resignation Data from QUANT GRP LTD:

4.) Quant FX Instagram:

5.) Quant FX Facebook (See Asim Abbasi's Name):

6.) Quant FX Facebook cover picture zoomed:

Why the hell would an ex-institutional 'trader' be using technical analysis or even involved with a company like Quant FX? If he gives technical analysis such a hard time on social media and in his course? To me that just don't add up.

I also find it hilarious now going back through the course where he's trashing technical analysis telling its garbage and that he wasn't using it in the banks or prop firms. That he was "SOOO LUCKY" to receive a world class education in the firms he worked at, he used to laugh at people who used technical analysis. Was he laughing at himself or.. ??

People I genuinely believe that he hasn't been trading futures for more than two years. That's my theory. It's all too similar to Private Bankers templates and content. There's no proof of him even trading futures? I did email and someone from his team says there's no way of 'auditing' a futures account like the way myfxbook does which is likely the truth, but why can't he just show us a monthly report of trade history on futures which brokers supply by email? Surely that would clear up that question. Unless he isn't trading them...

I didn't just take his teams word of "no way of auditing a futures account" because surely in professional places and companies they have tools similar to myfxbook to automatically track their results. Don't ya'll agree? In this world today there's no way of auditing a futures account?

Search 'trade journalling for futures' on google and you're probs gonna see this come up:
From what ive read, you can link a futures account to the websites listed in the link above. Some of them give the same features as myfxbook. PSML. So I dunno what the hell hes talkin about.

Youll probably asky why didnt i raise these questions when i bought the course and honestly im asking myself that now. Like I said i gave him the benefit of the doubt and i actually didnt find the forex factory stuff with eilliot wave theory until i bought the course. The guy just sells himself well you kinda forget about it.

Another thing I will ask - what's this prop firm he worked at? The only one there is any traces of is his own alleged prop firm (G7 Capital), so must of been self funded. He talks about in the course that the prop firm is where he received this amazing world class education. That really led me to believe he was employed in a prop firm by some amazing company with other traders. Sadly I just don't think that's true anymore.

Anyone of ya'll that's did the course, will remember how many times he drags on about trading DOM (Depth of Market) for years in the bank / prop firm, and FINALLY was introduced to VWAP and other order-flow tools. I think this is untrue. This goes back to Quant FX, and seeing him using things like Elliot Wave theory on his forum from 2013 or something. Where's the DOM? Where's VWAP? I know people change their tools, but this is fishy.

(Oh and just while Im talking about DOM, heres john grady's one from which Bennyflippen mentioned:
After buying and watching the course, the way things are said and explained is all just too similar to this. I can understand that basic termology aint something that can be stolen as such, but all i wanna say is that theres a lot of things that are familiar to Nirav's apart from just the colours and lay out.)

Going to the FCA register yea he is on it. But as Benny showed us: these roles he had had nothing to do with trading and outright risk. On his youtube videos he has "Barclays Senior Trading and Strategy”. You'd think that would be on the register nah? Let me know what ya'll think about that. I'm not sure.

Also this Asim Abbasi dude is on the UK's FCA register for the exact same roles. Have a look. He worked for Citibank though - around the same time period as Nirav. So maybe they became friends in a graduate school then left to pursue a career in selling technical analysis courses.

I checked out his first post on forex factory, and the dates and what the dude claims don't add up:

So in 2013 when he posted this he claimed he "made the jump 4 years ago (to go full-time private trading) after 11 years working as an institutional trader". Alright 4 years prior would bring us to 2009. Then 11 years prior to that would bring us to 1998.
His date of birth is 1982 so that means in 1998 the guy would be at least 16. Damn bro that's some career you've had. You been working as an institutional trader since you were 16?

Think i said enough for one day. This is just me providing information like everyone else on here so you guys can feel free to judge for yourselves. So to recap:

- I don't think Nirav is who he says he is unless he can prove it here.
- I don't think he was involved in any trading related stuff in barclays.
- He's never worked for a prop firm, or else he would've shown everyone the name.
- If he is lying about his past, then i think it's fair to say he's deceiving people by labelling himself as an ex-institutional trader for financial gain (scamming).
- I think we got enough proof he's telling people false information about 'custom made templates' that apparently you won't find anywhere, which in reality you can and he's ripped them off them from proven sources.
- We can only say there's red flags when talking about the "institutional education" he received because there's no proof of any of this.
- The custom made 'foot print' and 'DOM' worth over £1000+ are also likely stolen and just modified with some subtle differences.(The modification part isn't bad but what's bad is that he is saying HE made them and they're WORTH £1000.)
- I dont believe hes been trading futures (ES and CL) for that long and copied a bulk of educational content from The Private Banker. I did see somebody made The Private Banker aware of it and he said hes "monitoring the situation".. so who knows maybe that guy will get involved now.

For anyone looking for a refund good luck with that psml . I aint even gonna try because after you watch past the first bit of the course it's non refundable. Just glad I got it before the price increase

I posted this on another thread on the FPA website but i think its good for people to see, as ive already paid for the course and im concerned so god only knows what people think who aint even bought it
Besides all that bad things, what is your opinion about the content of the course and the knowledge you obtained? The course has made you a better trader?

Any way, thanks for the hard work getting all this information about this guy.
I'm also student of Nirav / G7FX, and I gotta admit what BennyFlippen has said right here looks worrying and I agree with all of it. On this FPA thread here:

I checked the source codes myself for the Sierra Chart templates myself, and they are the exact same. The intra-day VWAPs, higher time frame VWAPs, sh*t they are all there.

Hi Kev and all! Asim here. I hope all is well.

I just wish to clarify some of the outlined points. I understand your post was not malicious and is merely to create awareness, which is fair. I hope that i will be treated with the same impartiality!

In short, i did know Nirav, and met him online a around a year ago or so ago. The intention was to create something unique together to deliver. We both opted out of this entirely and it is safe to say, i also did not want to as our visions definitely did not align.

I have never worked at Citibank, nor have i proclaimed to be anything that the subject in question claims.

The address that you see is personal offices we have had as a family, and serves as an important base, which i would rather like to keep as private as possible.

As you can imagine, my name attached to anything related to this post can be detrimental and i do not wish to speak openly around any of this, but happy to speak to you, and if you see fit, then you could look into deleting my public information from this post. Of course, that would be entirely your call.

Sadly, throwing around the word scam etc to names is quite easily done, to which i would like to be given the chance to respond and clear my name so-to-speak! I cannot speak for anything that the subject in question is doing, as i do not have a clue! I was just made aware of this post a day or so ago.

Happy to speak on the phone too of course.

Many thanks
Hello Asim,

I can appreciate you trying to clear your name but everything posted above is public information and can easily be found online. Kev has not said anything defaming about you in the post above. You have nothing to do with G7FX which is understandable but I am sure the folks here would like to learn more from you about Nirav. You decided to go to business with him and opened a company together so you must have some insights.

It is strange/dodgy that an institutional trader like NV, with 16 years of experience, who bashes Retail Traders/Teachers, would open a company to teach technical analysis and retail FX education which has nothing to do with Futures. He then resigns from your company and turns up within a month as NV & G7FX, the institutional trading guru!

So if you really want to contribute, tell us the story behind you going into business together and what you know of his past. What was your vision and what was his? Have you seen any proof of him being an actual futures trader, advising hedge funds or central banks, which prop firm did he work for etc etc
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