- fraud!!!


NetCFD offered me silver account with personal trading manager who made all the tradings on my behalf. They promised me profit between 15%-25% monthly. This target was acheived by them.
I made two investment: first by credit card 250 USD and then another investment 1595 Euro. I made also one withdrawal in total amount 700 USD. Together with the profit on my account is currently 4954 Euro. I tried to withdrawal 2000 Euro but without success. Statement of my account manager is that I can't withdrawal anyhing when I have silver account. To start withdrawals I must invest in total 5000 Euro - so they want me to invest additional 3400 Euro then I can start withdrawals. This rule doesn't exist in their policy and terms. Here you can find the warnings against them: NetCFD / Centaure Capital Partners - Financial Conduct Authority
The account I created in 08.07.2014. Right now they are not answering to my mails. The e-mail adres is dead. They are mainly using
Two steps that you must follow.

1st - Invite them via email (Send email to every possible address).

2nd - Go to there website and invite them to here via Live Chat.

Best Of Luck

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They seem not be regulated anywhere, and no one honest would promise you any promised revenue. It's impossible.

I strongly suggest you to contact your card issuer and chargeback your money back.