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Problem Neto Trade is a Big Scam

I am having an issue with a company
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Hi, I open an account with NetoTrade No ( 16370013 ) on 10 June 2013 after i received many calls from a NetoTrade employee ( Eddie cooper ) to open account, this person introduce me to his senior accounts manager ( Steven Smith ). Mr Steven took control of my account and he start trading with 11000 USD deposited on 13 July 2013 and after 20 days he ask me to deposit more amount to make more profit, i agree with him because i see him trading good and i told him before i deposit more amount i want to withdraw the amount want i invest, Mr steven agree to approve the withdrawal after an argument, i withdraw the invested amount 11000 USD and left all remaining amount of profit in my account, this was just to check the withdrawal with netotrade is working fine. I got the money in my account back and again i made the deposit of 20000 USD, after the deposit Mr Steven smith was in contact with me for 15 days after that there was no response from him i send him many mails and call the NetoTrade office +442035143882 many times but no response for nearly a month. On 24 Oct 2013 one more person ( Alex Cole ) send me mail saying that he will be my new account manager and he call me and told that Steven Smith is in Singapore because NetoTrade is launching a new office there in Singapore and Mr Steven will be busy there for more 1 or 2 weeks. I did not see Mr Alex trading for my account before so i request him to give me the number for Mr Steven but he did not agree. To keep the record of monthly turnover i told Mr Alex to close all the running positions on my account but he refuse and after a long conversation he closed all the position on 1 Nov 2013.

I told Mr Alex that i want to withdraw the amount 64100 USD from my account and want to leave 5076 USD in my account for the next deposit, Mr Alex told me that he cannot process the withdrawal because this account was with Mr Steven and told me to wait for a week. I made this withdrawal because since 4 months i did not withdraw a single dollar of my profit. This withdrawal was to keep a track of my account and to check the monthly profit with my new deposit and i want to see as Mr Alex is new to me and i don't know how he is going to trade on my account. After one week when i see there is no response from MR Alex or MR Steven i decide to close the account and made another withdrawal of 5000 USD

They cancel my withdrawal and on 12 Nov 2013 one more person ( Andrew ) call me and told that NetoTrade will return only the invested money not the profit because i did not complete the cycle and i don't know what type of a cycle this was and i was never told about it by any one from netotrade and he crearly told me that NETOTRADE WILL NOT PAY THE PROFIT AND WILL RETURN ONLY INVESTED MONEY. NETOTRADE USE MY MONEY FOR 4 MONTHS AND NOW THEY SAY THEY WILL NOT PAY. I have all the evidence about them all the call records and records of all the transactions. With the help of FPA and the media and all the social sites with the evidence i have about the netotrade scam, i will try to do my best to protect others from this netotrade scam, even they try to change the name of there company. I trust FPA will solve this scam and take action on netotrade so that they don't do this to others.
Send an email to every address you can find for NetoTrade. Invite them to please come and visit this forums thread and explain why you can't withdraw your money.
Dear Pharaoh, I want to withdraw the money but netotrade don't want to pay all, they say they will only pay the invested amount.
Dear Pharaoh, I send mail to all the address i have but no reply from them and i know they don't reply to any mails. can i file the case.
Dear Pharaoh, its five days now, i send netotrade mail about FPA but no there is no reply from them till now. What will be next step pharaoh, Please let me know if FPA need any documents from me.

waiting for your reply
There is no reply no comments from FPA, is there any thing missing from my side. If so Please let me know.
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Don't panic. I do occasionally miss a few days. Let me see what I can do to get your case file rolling.
Thank's for your help pharaoh, Netotrade is canceling all the withdrawals i make. Again after holding for 12 days today they cancel the withdrawal. If you want i will upload the screen shot of my accounts page from netotrade.
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