Netotrade scam me into believing my broker is very exprienced


At first I deposit $5000 to forex with their 100% bonus. I lost it and then my broker name Izeet Kamer suggest to me to let him fully trade the account for me. I thought it might be a good idea to have a highly exprienced broker to trade on my behalf and I deposit another 5k and again a 100% bonus was given to me and made my account into a ECN with fixed spread account and he started trading.

At first he produced super good result and hence I am happy to have him to trade my account for me but recently he started to open trades that were obviously too newbie where by he sell the position with high lot although even a newbie I know it should be a buy position.

He always trade in gold and he was good at it at first but i started realizing that he open trades in high lots in a direction that even I tell him it is not possible . I even screenshot the chart to explain to him why it was impossible.

Now i have 17k open trades all loses are made from his big lot position whereby he buy when he should sell and sell when he should buy. He dont use any stop loss and just keep the losing trade running and running and now he ask me to deposit fund as there are chances that the loses will go back to profit very soon. I refused.

I learning forex for 1 year plus and even a newbie know that the trades he open is totally opposite the trend. I realised it and told him but he say dont worry , and the loss just keep going larger and larger until right now I have a -margin which i think will be margin call soon.

Their way of earning money is like this, first you lose your first deposit and they will tell you they will trade for you and help you to get the lose money back by authouring them to trade on your behalf. I was so stupid that I listen to him to handle my account. Like I say at first it was all well and he started opening big lots in direction that even a newbie know it is totally wrong. He open a sell position 1 lot at the bottom of a double wave down chart when I point out to him that we should open a buy instead.

Can someone help me to dispute these loses and return me back my second 5k usd deposit. The first 5k I take it in my stride because I trade it myself and lose them but the second 5k was traded in a manner whereby even a newbie know they are totally wrong.

I only want to dispute my second 5k transaction . Can someone help please. I have open trades now in my live account to show you that he open trades on purpose in the wrong direction.

Please help

Do you have any evidence like emails phone calls live chat that he was trading your account, and if you gave him the permission for that, how can you charge him for bad trading later?

He can say that's how he trades, not his responsibility for losses, he didn't do it in purpose!!