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Problem NetoTrade's Issues Keep Adding Up

I am having an issue with a company
NetoTrade's Issues Keep Adding Up

NetoTrade already did more than it should to draw the attention of the FPA. In April of 2012, a fake client review was left from their offices in Israel. Then another fake one came in from their Cyprus office in June 2013. A third fake review was submitted from their Cyprus office in July of 2013.

A total of 3 FPA Traders Court guilty verdicts have come in. All 3 involve NetoTrade.com employees acting as “account managers” trading client accounts. All 3 resulted in problems withdrawing funds. One also involves a large amount of unauthorized charges against the client's credit card.

It appears that NetoTrade.com shares a similar issue to one of the problems that UFX Markets has. The same person who happily volunteers to trade the account seems to be able to process deposits and to block client withdrawals. Since these employees are very likely to be compensated based on the amount of money in the accounts they control, this would create a severe conflict of interest.

NetoTrade needs to settle their issues with these 3 traders. The company also needs to make the proper adjustments to their business model. Finally, Neto Trade needs to train all current a new employees about why pretending to be clients in reviews is unethical. Until all of this is done, the FPA has no choice but to declare NetoTrade to be a Scam.

The FPA recommends against depositing money with NetoTrade. If you have an account with Neto Trade, the FPA recommends you try to withdraw you funds as quickly as possible.

FPA Scam Finding Against NetoTrade.com

Lojina's original complaint against NetoTrade

Lojina's Traders Court case against NetoTrade

Mohammed Minhaj's original complaint against NetoTrade

Mohammed Minhaj's Traders Court case against NetoTrade

Engmansor2000's original complaint against NetoTrade

Engmansor2000's Traders Court case against NetoTrade

FPA Review Page for NetoTrade.com

Thank you FPA for your effort, I think this is the end for netotrade unless they resolve all the above issues.
Thank you FPA for your effort, I think this is the end for netotrade unless they resolve all the above issues.

I don't think that its make any worry to them, because Scammer do what they want to do till they got arrested.
Dear traders,

If someone is offering you account management services first thing you will ask is "Are you licensed account manager by the regulator?" if yes, ask for a proof!

Don't buy any crap including previous "successful" account statements! too many good souls have fallen into this
its easy to formulate a sweet argument through old statements and a convincing speach, as the traders above said, make sure to do your home work before trusting your hardearned money in the hands of someone you do not know!
Yesterday Mr Mansor received a call from a gentleman calling Himself Nemer Aljaber nemer.a@netotrade.com (In English means Tiger) saying that he is his new Manager, as the old manager Dr Hassan Abdulatif (Hassan.a@netotrade.com) was sacked because was stealing a lot of money from customers, and he is asking Mr Mansor to join them again and forget the past.
Mr Nemer also sent an email Mr Mansor, see attachment

I did send email to Deborah Rodman (deborah.r@netotrade.com ) asking her to keep her Gangs away from Mr Mansor, she Ignored me as she used to always Ignore emails. Netotrade_Nemer.JPG