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    The NetVest Investment Fund Portfolio Overview.

    The NetVest Investment Fund Portfolio Overview.

    The Cash Creation Account A Portfolio.
    Minimum Investment - 50 U$D/25 Euros
    Term - 16 Weeks
    Target ROI - 1.2-2.5% Weekly
    Compounding – No

    The Flying Eagle Portfolio.
    Minimum Investment - 500 U$D/250 Euros
    Term - 6 Months
    Target ROI - 5-12% Monthly
    Compounding – Yes

    The Market Edge Portfolio.
    Minimum Investment - 1000 U$D/500 Euros
    Term - Variable
    Target ROI - 5-15% Monthly --- rate depends on investment level and Term.
    Compounding – Yes

    The Lifetime Promise Portfolio.
    Minimum Investment - 1000 U$D/500 Euros
    Term - 12 Months - Variable
    Target ROI - 0.5-1.5% Monthly
    Compounding - Yes
    NOTE: We offer fixed rate options for investors seeking longer term residual income from their investments. Please contact one of our investment reps to discuss our various options.

    For more information please visit our website at The NetVest Investment Fund

    phone: 347-482-1717
    Skype ID: NetVestFund
    Yahoo ID: NetVestFund

    Higher Returns Dictate Higher Risk

    With all investment comes risk. Higher returns are able to be developed when a higher level of risk is assumed. NetVestFund.com offers a variety of investments, each of which offers a different level of return, tied to a different risk profile.

    Your personal "Risk Profile" is a complex, yet important part of your investment strategy. It identifies for your Account Manager---in any investment--the level of risk which you are willing to assume. For those NetVestFund.com investments which pay the highest level of return, there is a collectively higher risk assumption. Investors seeking higher risk return are said to exhibit a "high risk profile."

    Are you seeking higher returns, and you're willing to take that risk?

    If so, our Account Managers can accommodate your needs with investment across a variety of our funds. Some of the ventures into which your capital might be placed include day trading, venture capital deals with new groups, or PPOs in higher risk categories.

    Full Portfolio traders at NetVestFund.com invest in some of the same high risk investments, but the level of their investment is diluted against the full asset value of the portfolio. If you want security in your portfolio, the Lifetime Promise Fund secures investment returns, at a lower risk profile.

    Note: Past performance is not indicative of future results, as returns will vary according to market conditions. Trading/Investing is speculative and may involve the loss of principal; therefore, any assets placed under management should be risk capital funds, which, if lost, will not negatively affect one's personal financial situation.

    This is not a solicitation to invest, and you should carefully consider the suitability of your financial situation for investment prior to making any investment or entering into any transaction.
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