Never believe in Justforex - How Justforex fooled me and took my money away.

Mai Phùng

I was officially locked out of my account and frozen from February 19 as soon as I received notice that they will conduct a periodic review of the activities of my accounts.

My account information:

As you can see, the Neteller withdrawal portal has been hidden from my account. I think this is how they try to stop me from taking back my profits.
I accepted that I may suffer a loss in exchange rate so that I can get back some of the legitimate profit I made when trading. I tried to email Just forex to get help but all I could get was the wait.


While waiting helplessly, I also had to complete what was called the Just forex verification.

I asked about why I had to participate in this process but they did not answer any of my questions. They just show that they have the absolute power, whatever they ask, customers like me must provide them all.

No reply at all. What kind of customer service is that?
As you can see, during the investigation, Just forex was unable to give specific answers to clients who were frozen for a large amount of money. Their actions are extremely suspicious.

This email sent to me on 17/3

No matter what I argued, their answer was very general. This is the final decision and nothing will change.
After that, my money was taken.

And a day after, I could not even login into my portal.
That is all of my story, my terrible experience with this ridiculous broker. Right now I can not contact them to take back my money. Pls help!!!


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2nd Lieutenant
--> How much total did you deposit with them? (and what dates for each deposit)?
--> How much total did you successfully withdrawal from them already (dates you receive withdrawal)?

--> did you research the business model JustForex used before depositing any of your hard earned money?
--> have you submitted a review of the company yet?

--> can you upload account statements of all of your accounts? here is an example of what one looks like:


And there is a whole article here that details the process for recovering trading account statements:

--> @JustForexcom has a lot of explaining to do. Even if some or all of client trades are somehow disputed, I want to see their explanation of how deposits are still confiscated.

Mai Phùng

can you upload account statements of all of your accounts? here is an example of what one looks like
hrea are my MT4 account statements, 5 in total


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2nd Lieutenant
@Mai Phùng why do you have transaction that show the transaction year is 1970? for example:


Or here there seems to be a missing transaction description


What does PnL.Arch 31.01.2021 num: 1 mean in the above statement


Or look below. what does PnL.Arch 31.01.2021 num: 5 mean? where is that money coming from?

Looks like JustForex does some kind of archiving of trade history, which is weird for a standard account..

And what about all of the various deposit bonuses......How were they calculated? I cannot tell from the statement how the bonus structure was calculated..


The statement items are a little different that what I am used to seeing. And the chronological order should be from oldest to newest transaction. But at least you have some evidence. Just needs a little deciphering.


Again, decipher what is in the red box in below image:



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