New EA is appalling the Brokers AND TRADERS BECAUSE OF ALL THE SPAM

Robby Luisan

Another stupid spammer
The name is StealPips EA.

You can be see, just click.

StealPIPS - How to Rob The Forex Market Legally!

StealPIPS - How to Rob The Forex Market Legally - WITH MY AFFILIATE ID (now removed by the moderators)!

Get a bonus $ 500 for trading and other bonuses.
Please read read first.
If you are interested in may be purchased. I need grammar lessons.
Launch on March 31. And lastly open Until Sunday 4 April 2010.

Here's the big news from StealPips that I'll spam you with.

Yesterday, was one heck of a day...After seeing what the Steal Pips System could do, traders around the world were shocked. Not only that, but the Brokers were SHOCKED. Rumor has it that Matt (the author behind Steal Pips) received several phone calls from brokers asking him to cease the sales of his Steal Pips System. Matt didn't choke..the brokers are in for it broker will ever steal or falsely profit from your trades ever again...

Thousands of traders went head over heels yesterday to grab one of the limited Steal Pips copies. For short periods of times, the Steal Pips site was inaccessible due to a massive number of traders wanting to grab a copy!

Their support desk was also bombarded with questions from members, but Matt and his team handled it flawlessly. I even sent in a ticket on their support desk to see how fast they'd respond. To my surprise, I received a response within the hour. I'm guessing they anticipated such a rush and had more than enough staff to handle everything...after all, they just released the best system on the market hands down to the public.

Best regards,
Robby aka SpamBoy
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