New Forex Stuff New innovative indicator Sensvol2015 PRO (test)


Dear forum members, we offer everyone to test the new innovative indicator Sensvol2015 for free.

Sensvol2015 is an innovative indicator combining ready (filtered) signals for deals opening.

The know-how of signals generation of the Sensvol2015 indicator is based on determination of patterns along with adaptive


of the price movement.

The current version of the Sensvol2015 indicator supports following instruments: EURUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDCAD, NZDUSD and XAUUSD. Recommended timeframe is М15. The indicator also generates other additional signals on other timeframes.

This indicator can be used as a standalone tool for trading, as well as an addition to the indicator Atlantis2015, thereby increasing the number of signals.

Our goal is to eliminate possible errors in the indicator and to find professional traders who can demonstrate the most effective trading strategies on their accounts using signals of only this indicator (maximum profit with minimal drawdown).

The best traders who will provide their online monitoring for our use and the public access free will be rewarded with full license of PRO indicator Sensvol2015

Attached license file (should be located in terminal folder in \MQL\Files subfolder) activates PRO version until May, 31, 2015.
PRO version displays indicator signals on the first bar.
If you have set up everything correctly - Info window shows "Pro" text in the version field.

Key Features
Signal Module: The indicator generates probably the most efficient signals to open deals that do not require additional mandatory information. Due to better quality, these signals are pretty rare as compared to ordinary indicators that signal about everything and anything. Signals are generated significantly more often on lower timeframes (M5, M1).

Main Indicator Settings ("Simple" version)
Alerts =true/false – enable/disable alerts.

Please take into account:

1. We have posted this indicator for FREE. Our current goal is to use the most efficient trade strategy based on the signals of this indicator to create an automatic trading strategy, which most likely wouldn't be available to purchase.

2. We didn't want to impress you by the number of signals and beautiful pictures.

3. We recommend to test in the terminal when you have quotations for one year or more.

4. There are three groups of signals for each instrument. Each group has its own colour. Groups of signals are different: they have different levels of

Take Profit


Stop Loss

, the ratio of profitable trades, signals frequency, the average duration of trade, etc.

5. Indicator signals themselves appear as arrows on the period available in the terminal history (within the last 25 thousand bars). The minimum amount of the current history (from one thousand bars) is sufficient to display signals on the current terminal chart.

6. "Simple" version of the Sensvol2015 indicator displays the indicator signals online on the tenth bar. "Pro" version of the indicator, which displays signals on the first bar, is to be released later (follow up comments about the product for more details and relevant information).

Video of testing the indicator


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