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Many thanks Jarrat for your response. It's crystal clear.
Hi Ayoayo,

I will very often enter multiple positions on a pair.... And using zero leverage allows this with very little risk.

For example if I enter USD/JPY long at 1.0200 .... and it then falls to 101.00 i will reenter the market long, whilst holding my first position .... My average price is now 101.50 and my leverage is still only 2:1.

This gives me a very consistent win / loss ratio and keeps the equity curve pointing up. I do ofcourse take a loss, but only when I have lost confidence in the trade.

I never like to hold more than 3 positions on a pair .... With 2 trades being ideal.

Hope this helps!

Regarding my book page numbers, I really am not sure about the layout decisions, as this was carried out by a small team of editors that helped me complete it.

Glad you enjoyed it though :)

Thanks again!

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