Hello New trader


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Hi Marcus welcome to the group. They are a helpful bunch here. I would definitely recommend trading on a demo account to begin with. Most brokers offer them so try out a few and find a broker that works for you. Good luck to you.


Hi all, my name is Marcus Andrew, I previously dabbled a bit with crypto however, I'm now looking for new trading opportunities. I have been hearing about Forex for a while, and have been interested in starting to trade. I know a few terms and have watched a few videos here and there, I have also heard about the existence of demo accounts. However, I still feel completely lost. If anyone could give me some guidance/advice on what I should start with, or where is should go to. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot, your fellow trader :)
You’ve really got to keep studying, I’m in a similar position and unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be an easy way