!!! New Traders Court !!!


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No, it is not a "real" court.

I disagree. It may not be a legal court, but it is a citizen/community court in every sense. I challenge you to find another rating system where victims are actually encouraged to bring their evidence forward and collaborate openly with the company. Where else do victims actually get their issues resolved?

Our "civil procedure" methods are often more transparent than many offshore and even some more developed country's law systems. And the results are much faster.


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New proposal: That the willingness of a company to commit to an FPA advertising campaign requires that a company rep respond to any scam alerts or any @mentions within 4-7 calendar days, or their advertising can be suspended until they respond.

This can also be placed on the review page that they have not responded and the advertising has been suspended.

Now I'm not sure how much that would affect advertising dollars for FPA, but why should they be allowed to advertise if they cannot even respond to consumer complaints timely?

This is more than replying to reviews page. They must also actively sweep the scam alerts folder as well as their own dedicated company thread.

They must also have at least one username that is active. So if they have more than 1 name, one should be designated as primary. Even if that person leaves the company, they should still be able to receive emails from that person. It should be setup so that both corporate + all individuals that monitor social media are present.
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Please do NOT report a scam in this thread or ask how to report scam in this thread. To get to this thread, you already came through the Scam Alerts folder. That is where you need to open your own thread. If you are lost, it's simple.

1. Click here to go to Scam Alerts.

2. Look for the Post Thread button.
If you can't find the button, look towards the upper-right. You should see the button and also see your username. If you don't see either one, you aren't logged in. You must be logged in to post.

3. In the thread title, please mention the name of the company. That is very helpful for readers.

4. In the post, say more than "I've been scammed!!!!" Give some details about what happened. This will make it easier for people to help you.

5. PLEASE DON'T TYPE IN ALL CAPS. It just makes your post harder to read.

6. Once you have a thread for your issue, please to not open additional threads about the same issue. One trader having one problem with one company needs only one discussion thread.