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New Young Blood!

Discussion in 'Hello and Welcome' started by Joon, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. Joon

    Joon Recruit

    Aug 25, 2008
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    Hi everyone! :D

    I joined the forum today (I stumbled across this site from babypips).

    My name is Joon and I am Korean. I enjoy golf very much. I like cigars, wine, single-malt scotch. On the other hand, I love heavy drinking and playing with lots of women....oh and I'm a really big pothead :p

    I'm currently studying Forex and it's been about a week or two. I'm new to the trading world. I am currently going to college and I'm majoring in International Business. I'm a full-time student during the school year (I am interning right now and will probably intern during the school year also). I don't plan on giving up a job or trading for a living; however, I'd like to know everything there is about the Forex market as well as be able to trade - and I am expecting my experience in Forex to open doors to other kinds of trading like stocks, commodities, etc.

    This is more of a five-year goal for me but it seems it should be a ten-year goal because all of the information is so overwhelming. I must admit that I know more than I did a week or two ago but still overwhelming nonetheless.

    This is my first post and my introduction post but I hope nobody thinks I've disappeared because I don't post often. I will most likely be reading and studying instead of posting for the course of the next few months, but I hope you guys won't miss me too much. I just joined and posted this intro because...well to be honest, I'm bored at work atm...but also to be apart of a community that I hope to contribute to soon...but for now, I shall study more.


    (Am I allowed to post minor questions in this thread? As opposed to creating an entire thread that may have been answered before)
  2. AsstModerator

    AsstModerator FPA Forums and Reviews Admin

    Dec 11, 2007
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    Post the questions here or in the other questionable areas. If necessary, I'll move them to a better area.

    Oh, and send a truckload of that single-malt and any loose women in need of tightening up to the officer's lounge.

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