New [Zealand] Recruit!

JC Greyling

Hi guys,

Just wanted to give a quick intro, as I'll probably stay posted to this forum until the economy totally crashes ; )

My name is Jean [pron. John with a blocked nose {:)], I'm ninteen, from NZ, and almost absolutely new to the FX market.

I've made several failing deals already, but in the recent AUS/USD rise and drop, made back most of my 'expenses' and now have almost the same starting balance.. I found this site looking for FX signals, [which I've decided not to waste money on!] and I was hoping that some kind FX investor would take a poor lad under their wing and teach him the ropes... ah, if only life were so simple! ; )

But, yeah, I'm learning quite alot quite soon, and I'm actually enjoying trading the market.

Anyways, its always good to know your not alone in the initial strugle/start period!

Talk soon, and Cheers for having me!


Nancy Cheah

There are more than 200 countries in this world so staying in one every single week means that he or she can really travel the world before one decides to call it a day.

Am I correct?
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