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hello everyone... it feels really good to be here.
Welcome to FPA Henrylearn,

I suggest you to go through my below suggestions.
Take a look at this link Forex MilitarySchool and start your Forex Journey (improve Forex knowledge)

There are a few articles written by Pharaoh on some subjects you might find useful (broker selection, avoiding scams, etc.). You'll find most of them here:

Use below link to contact fpa if you have any questions.

And, if you got any question then feel free to write here. We are more than happy to assist our members.
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Well hello newbie. I know that it has been a while but I hope that you have not started trading yet. Keep spending more time in your demo account. Do not rush into trading. That is a common mistake that most people make. And you should not too. Take time to learn as much as you can and come up with the best strategies accordong to you.


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Trust and believe in yourself and you will make it. Welcome to forex and I hope you have a good time. Be confident but do not be overconfident. Things can go south in moments and leave you with your mouth wide open. It happens sometimes. Do not be so focused on earning a lot of money. Take things easy.