Newbie Broker Question


O.K. first of all let me say hello, I have a question about a live account.

I am using a STP broker And I placed a couple of trades the other day that Meta trader popped up and said "not enough money " then I adjusted the lot size and tried again (started at 2 then 1.8 ) first one a 13:13 then 13:14 then the same error "not enough money" Finally I drop to 1 lot at 13:15 and it goes through. Now my question is this, I have heard of price manipulation and spikes but never really believed them. But if you look at the pic and the tic chart (1min EUR/GBP) October 15 2009 at 13:13 (7:13a.m. central time u.s) and notice that the trades went through anyway, which concerns me greatly but worse yet is that the price that the 13:13 trade and the 13:14 trade closed at buy the broker for insufficient margin, that the actual price never reached what they closed at according to the candle? I high lighted the close price on both trades and you can see it never made it? So whats Up? Is this a false price feed spike? Hope this wasn't too confusing??


Doug Reo-Cocker

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I'm being confused with your question :p
Me too, It didn't let you close your position or it didn't let you open a new one?
If it's the first, your broker is a scammer, if its the latter you just didn't had any money to open that position I guess.

Eric Alyea

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Death by Margin Call

The "Margin Call" to me is like a shoot out and I got "Blanks" they get to kill all my friends (Dollars Invested) and I can do nothing because my battle plan was not right (didn't read the broker fine print).
I like the way you posted it for us to look at.
I think you will get some help soon.


No stoplosses and trading large sizes. Unless you've got a big account, that's a recipe for a fast margin call.