Newtradefx platform and website can't be reached anymore and no response from them.

This is the second time I create a forex thread on Newtradefx. The previous thread I created because of "Newtradefx ignoring my withdrawal request and my additional fund not reflecting in my account". The case closed after George Armstrong refund the money to my trading account. Now the problem that I faced is more worse. The website for newtradefx is not accessible anymore and no body that I can contact even George my manager. I noticed it on Thursday 28/1/2016 after I had a problem with my laptop which need to be reset. After resetting, when I tried to download newtradefx trading software from it website, I was not able to access the website. I had tried also form another laptop but not successful. After trying so many time failed, even I tried with the firewall protection/internet security in disable mode, then I sent e-mail to George but no response. I also tried to contact his friend Terrance Ross through skype but not successful. Terrance is his friend from another company "New trade finance"(from what he told me through phone but not exist if we search in internet). George gave me his skype contact information after I asked his(George) so many times. Instead of giving his contact info he gave his friend's contact no. I had only two time conversation with him which happened for the last two week. The first conversation was just an introduction. He told me that George had transferred my file to his company for him to manage. So, he asked my history with newtradefx and I told him my problem that I faced before and current problem. He promised to solve it and asking for few days to do some investigation. A week later, on 25/1/2016 he called and told me that in order to transfer my file to his company, I need to have USD100K in the account. I have USD40K already in the account. If I agree to add USD30K, newtradefx will add another USD30K as a bonus. When he told me that offer, I think that may be I will fall in another trap. So, I was not agreed to add the fund. Anyway I don't have that much money. I still using newtradefx platform even though George sent my file to Terrance. On Thursday 28/1/2016, I got to know that Newtradefx is not exist anymore after I had a problem with my laptop. Please help me to get back my money because newtradefx is really a scam. I don't know what to do else except asking help from FPA.


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I don't know what to do else except asking help from FPA.

Published: 23/06/2015 Last Modified: 28/07/2015

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NewTradeFX has closed down on mid of 2015 and change their name to Eu Trading Group. These people are actively promoting in Asia especially Singapore and Malaysia.