Thought I'd already reviewed this here-but apparently not. I signed-up for this several months ago when I first "discovered" this crazy, wonderful field of Forex Trading. I'd already taken a VERY basic intro to trading course that I'd found on StackSocial, (discounted e-learning as well as gadgets) for just $29. This Fx course was also $29, and somehow I expected a similar level of quality content and personal attention I'd received in the trading course. I was wrong.
First, after finally being logged in, I glanced at the course information and schedule. I realize I'm a bit biased after having worked as an adjunct professor for a short time; but I've never seen a "syllabus" so completely disorganized and confusing. It seemed to be more of an advertisement for 3-4 Forex brokers-with weeks 4 & above just being an intro to each broker, broken down into each ones educational and information sections. No original material-just links to pages that went to the brokers pages-firstly with information on signing-up, of course.
I thought I'd go ahead and just start with the first weeks content and see if there was any useful information or lectures. While the videos provided for each section had SOME relevant information, they were VERY poorly done and frequently the computerized voice, (at least myself and several people I had listen to it think it's computerized), repeats full "paragraphs", several times! What I thought was a 12-minute video was more like 5 minutes, repeated, with the same inflections and tones. I skipped ahead to see if this was just a quirk of the first videos. It wasn't; it happened in every video I listened to.
THEN came the text information correlated to the videos. It seemed to be almost all copy & pasted and several times they didn't bother to hide the headers from DailyFX, Wikipedia and BabyPips. There were others that were also haphazardly copy & pasted missing the ends of sentences and paragraphs.
On the front page of this website there are supposed "testimonies" from former students who were "thrilled with the attentive instructors". There ARE NO INSTRUCTORS, only the videos, plaigerized text and very simplistic, copied "quizzes" at the end of each week-some with a Broker-specific, obvious advertisement posing as a multiple choice question. I tried 4-times to email them, asking about these "instructors" as I had some questions on course content. I never received a single reply.
I wrote-up a similar review to this and included some screenshots to StackSocial, letting them know that this $800+ course they were offering at such a "discount", was a complete scam. They promptly refunded my $29 and promised to investigate my claims.
Feel free to ask any questions & I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
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