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Nextcoinmarket & Jubiter Bitcoin gateway service

Discussion in 'Scam Alerts' started by overkill, Apr 9, 2019.

  1. overkill

    overkill Recruit

    Apr 1, 2019
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    Hey Guys,

    Well where to start.. I'm writing this message up to help my 74 year old father who was scammed out of around 200 thousand Australian dollars through a fake cryptocurrency broker from the website of nextcoinmarket.com. This event has caused absolute devastation to the family as this was a significant chunk of money that my father and mother needed to live on through there old age.
    The scammers from nextcoinmarket.com made contact with my father in January of this year. Ciphering through all my fathers email correspondence he had with the scammers they convinced him to invest 100 thousand Australian dollars into the nextcoinmarket.com crypto exchange. In order to get the money onto the exchange they setup an account on Jubiter.com (FIAT to Crypto money gateway), had him sign documents, send copies of his passport, drivers & credit card details to them via email. The documents he signed basically stated he authorized Jubiter to take 100 thousand dollars from his credit card for investment purposes. Literally 102 thousand dollars of bitcoin was purchased through Jubiter.com. On top of this another 100 thousand dollars of transactions were made elsewhere through sites such as https://gcen.co.uk/. I managed to work out from the transaction description where some of the other transactions were made. I am waiting for more information that my fathers bank can provide on the other transactions where the transaction decriptions are too vague to make any conclusion as to where the card was used..

    - My father was guilty and scared to tell anyone, so he hid this from his immediate family up until middle of March.

    - I have no doubt Jubiter.com has knowledge of the scam nextcoinmarket.com has been doing to vulnerable people. If anyone can provide more contact details for especially nextcoinmarket.com and also jubiter.com to help try to fight to get "some' of the money back that would be beyond appreciated.

    Last week I reached out to a few chargeback companies that specialize in assisting you get money back through scammers such as nextcoinmarket. I have contacted www.moneybackhero.com/ & www.payback-ltd.com.

    Payback wants literally 10 thousand Australia dollars upfront with an additional commission of 15 percent on whatever funds they are able to successfully get back to you via way of chargeback & negotiations direct with the scammers. They promise the world and clearly state there is a 90 percent chance they can get all the funds back.. Off course, in my opinion promising the world is easy when you are getting 10K upfront no matter what the outcome.. Obviously I am very cautious here. They even gave the impression they might have an "agreement" in place with Jubiter or something to that effect. Again, they could say anything with 10K upfront they would pocket no matter the outcome.

    MoneybackHero only have asked for 795 pounds up front. They have a money back garauntee in that if they are not successfull with the chargebacks you will get your up front fee back. They also started for the transactions specifically envolving payment gateways that convert FIAT to Crypto such as Jubiter.com, that it is pointless to attempt a chargeback with them as there is no chance.. But for the others on the credit card there is a very good chance.. This obviously directly contradicts what Payback LTD has informed me. Im hoping someone on here may be able to clarify this point more. I tend to believe what Moneybackhero states more so that Payback LTD simply due to the considerable upfront fee Payback LTD wants with no chance to get that back if they are unsuccessfull.

    I am hoping that someone can provide more details as to why Moneybackhero are so adamant that trying to get funds back from Jubiter via way of Chargeback is not really possible.. I tried googling this and only found that the time limit to do chargebacks on Forex, cryto type transactions has now been extended to 540 days. I have not read anything about it being substantial harder to do a chargeback on these type of transctions.

    Any help from anyone is greatly appreciated here.

    Some maybe wondering how it was possible to have a credit card with such a high limit. My dad didn't. They also coerced him into transferring almost 200 thousand dollars from his savings account onto the card, ultimately putting the credit card balance into 200 thousand plus dollars into positive. I know what my father did is beyond stupid, but it is what it is.. I am just trying my best to claw back any of the money that is possible.
  2. Pharaoh

    Pharaoh Colonel

    Oct 3, 2007
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    You could try WinChargeback.com. They have a higher success fee, but the initial fees for chargebacks are much lower.

    Or, you could try a DIY chargeback. The success of this can come down to how helpful the card's issuing bank is. The one time I had to do a chargeback, my credit card's bank backed me all the way. On the other hand, I've seen hundreds of reports of banks making up BS excuses to avoid having to lift a finger and help clients who've been ripped off and should be fully covered under chargeback rules. In cases like that, professional assistance may be the only chance to recover the money.

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