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Nitestrading Representative
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Hello everyone,

I'm Nick, representative of the company Nites Trading - Evidence based quantitative trading software.

Nites Trading specializes in quantitative analysis of financial markets and development of indicators based on it.
We decided to make our flagship system available to public, after years of research and development.
This is probably bold statement, but we believe we have best indicators/system on the retail trading market.
Nothing comes even close to our indicators in terms of simplicity and performance(real performance, not faked).

We are confident in our tools and genuinely believe we can help traders to reach consistent profitability using.
Therefore, we are happy to offer 30 days Free Trial, that can be extended. Please go to
Our plan is to limit number of licenses and subscriptions to 1000 copies, reducing the risk of too many people taking the same trades.
We are not here for your money, unlike others. Remember that.

System is designed to be very simple and easy to use for anyone, while technology behind is quite sophisticated.
It is purely based on established science methods, providing robustness to the strategy.
We constructed two interconnected smooth oscillators to generate trading entries and exists.
They follow the market with high precision, and when used in combination, they give almost perfect market entries and also exits.
Currently it works for 8 Forex pairs, Gold and major Indices. More instruments to be introduced soon.
Here is the screenshot of trading period for US30 indices:

US30 Trades.PNG

Apart from the oscillators, we designed Adaptive Algorithm - indicator for calculation of optimal period.
Since the market is changing and fluctuating every day, indicators have to be adapted, we provide solution for that.
How do we use it? We use information to update period of the short term oscillator.

Here's snapshot of Adaptive Algorithm:

Adaptive Algorithm.PNG

If you have any questions or inquires, please write us at, or simply reply to thread.
Thank you, all the best.