Noble Capital House

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Has anyone on FPA heard of Noble Capital House or being approached by it?

I was approached by it and it claimed to be referred by So I am doing my due diligence in studying its legitimacy before I conduct any dealings with it.


I have found my answers and sharing them here for the benefits of all FPA members.
Noble Capital House is not a licensed broker. You should consider the many licensed and regulated brokers available
As the T&C clearly states, Noble Capital House provides a platform for OTC trading and “OTC trading means that trading does not take place on a regulated exchange. There are no guarantees as to the credit worthiness of the counter party of your Forex, CFDs position. Also, there may be certain cases in which trading liquidity decreases, causing Forex, CFDs in commodities, currencies, metals and indices to cease, thereby preventing the liquidation of an adverse position which may result in a substantial financial loss.”

If you’re going to trade on an OTC platform, you might as well be trading binary options. The conflict of interest between broker and trader is present in both types of trading, but binary options is simpler.

If you are serious about becoming a Forex trader and making money with this, you should only sign up with a regulated, ECN Forex broker and trade on the real markets.


I suggest also contacting and ask them if they gave your contact info to these people.


Master Sergeant
It looks like another one of those with lots on clarity required. I am seeing more and more of these today so it is must that we should do our own due diligence before putting any money


Sergeant Major
I think as company also will promote with campaign ads not only on but also will using another site that has high rank traffic, if interested to join because look on ads, still required more research or trying with smallest money first if still doubt


Noble Capital House
Yet another house offering bonus with smart sales trick locking your money and eventually making it look like you lost them.
They try to make you deposit with promise about next big trade giving a 500% return.
I did not go for any of that, and said if you are so sure, then deposit the money yourself on my account and
show me.
Actually this guy did deposit GBP250 on an account in my name.
1 hours later he asked me to look at the account balance which was on stunning GBP1000
He then tried to make me deposit which I did as he had shown his part....
1 hour later a stunning GBP5000 on the account.
He then started the big sales speak making me deposit a large sum because there was this big big trade comming that could
double my account in no time. I respectfully declined and said I'm used to houses like you just taking peoples money, and
one is never able to withdraw, or when customer suddenly want to withdraw you start to lose all money on the account.
No matter what he did I refuse to deposit. Eventually he accepted a withdraw, but on GBP500.
The coming weeks he kept on trying to make me deposit and I was tempted however I know how these houses work so I did not.
Eventually he took a GBP 5000 Bonus on my behalf from the house (I never take bonus, as that will prevent me from
withdrawing anything until balance is X10 the bonus in best case). Account balance on GBP10000.
By purpose I placed trades to lose to test the honesty...Balance went down GBP5000 for a long time nothing....Then suddenly started to call and write emails telling me i should shut down these trades as Im losing
all my money...."My money" really maybe, just maybe I hit the jackpot and was dealing with an honest house living up to
something you could call investment and business....He ended up closing the trades and by micrale he have traded the
account back up to GBP10000 in an hour again....I wondered a lot about that.....Yet I could see on closed trades, that they
only lasted for few seconds, and profited between GBP200-GBP1000 each and no fees or comission was paid for any of the
trades.....Whenever I traded the account, commision and fee's was so high, that even I won the trade, it still did cost me
money after fee's and comission. Similar win trade will profit fine at another brooker I'm using....I found that suspect.
One day I found the back door in their system, and started to trade my self without comissions and fee's....Wau every
trade I made, and closed a few second after win, GBP 200...GBP1000....I could n ot stop, after a few hours I have traded
the account to GBP+21 000 000 SOmething very fishy right ?!?!?!?
I then requested a symbolic withdraw on GBP2000, it was declined, I asked why that is, as I have been very good at trading
my account up to stunning GBP +21 million, I was told you can not withdraw before next month as I need to deposit for this
next big NFP trade giving more than I could imagine....I said why would I do that, I have GBP +21 Million on my account,
I think I just want to retire and do nothing more and why should I trade that big NFP trade when I have done so well...
Then he said oh ok he had not seen my balance and sure i could withdraw GBP2000, but it just never did happen....
Next he have started to place losing trades on my account...I closed them one by one and requested him to not trade on my
account any more...I continued to request withdraw but rejected all the time.....This went on for a while, he placed
losing trades, I closed them. WHen the balance as on GBP+500 000 I asked to get the account shut down and everything
withdrawn except the bonus (initial GBP250 and his own initiative on GBP5000 I never asked for)....I also placed a few
trades on bitcoin I knew are so volatile that they will win more than their horrible commisions and fee's). Each bitcoin
trade gave me over GBP 15000 and again I requested withdraw and rejected....Now the shut prevented me to get into my
account. It said wrong password..I requested new password from the system...It did not work....I contacted support....
They told me to contact account manager which was the one preventing me and putting
losing trades on the account....Until today I'm not able to get into the account!!!!!
So I warn all of you about Noble Capital House, only thing they are noble in, is stealing your money....

They do not mind to take a family's household money...A single moms last $ etc.
They are SCAM....