Nordfx scam broker,Number one scammers


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I have opened an account with the Nord fx Dec 11, 2014 at 7:10 AM.I deposited 600$ and get a bonus of 100$.After that i took a trade and profited 580$ dollar and i tried to withdraw my profit but they didn't process my withdrawal.After 1 days when i asked my a/c manager she said through live chat that there is no problem and it would be cleared within that night. But it was not cleared by them. After two days later I again knock them trough live chat and that time they told me that my account is disabled and I can withdraw only my deposit.But I didn’t understand the confusion. According to first chat the same woman talked that it would be cleared and after one days she told another. They didn’t notify me about the account disable and they just give me the deposit only. There execuse is I am operating several account.But in our country same ip is delivered by the internet company.So ip problem is normal matter. They have no right to cancel my profit by examine my first trade. They are trying to connect some other account excuse with us. I get a referral link of this broker through the facebook. But they want to say that the ib account is operating this ip. But this was because of the internet service provider who provide us the same ip.This is not our fault.When I show them this matter then they showing new reason that I am doing hedge but how they understood this by my first trade. I am doing manual trade of 1:1 strategy.Then they excuse an account name of the owner wakkas.They asked me about the account and asked why the owner of this account cancel the bonus by omitting her.But I don’t know who is wakkas and don’t about the bonus cancel.The woman take it personal and try to punish me because I am Bangladeshi also same as wakkas.i tried to understand her that am another person and in our country inrernet service are providing same ip in their customer. After all when I withdraw my deposit amont 600$ they closed my account without informing me through any email. But there is no such reason in there bonus tearms and conditions that the company could cancel my profit.I also attach their bonus terms and condition in the below. It is a direct scam.theye eat up my 580$ by closed my account while 580$ of my profits are in is totally unjust.They don't have any rules in there tearms and conditions that they could eancell profits.they are a real time scammers.Eat up profits.I want justice against thos scam brokers.Beaware of those scammers.

Terms and condition:

• 1. To receive a bonus, you need to make a deposit according to the table. For one deposit you can receive only one bonus.
• 2. If a client has multiple accounts, he can apply for a bonus only for one of his accounts within one month.
• 3. Only one bonus can be given for one IP address. In case a bonus is received in two (or more) accounts with the same IP, it will be deducted from all the accounts except the first account for which the bonus was claimed.
• 4. An internal transfer between accounts is not considered to be a deposit, which means you cannot claim a bonus for a deposit made via an internal transfer.
• 5. To keep the bonus, all initial funds should remain in the account until the necessary number of lots is closed. You can withdraw profits but not the amount for which the bonus was received. If this rule is violated, the bonus will be deducted. After all lots are closed you will be allowed to withdraw the funds or to transfer them to another account without losing the bonus.
• 6. Lots in transactions that have no profit/loss are not counted.
• 7. The company can activate risk control for accounts that receive a simultaneous bonus of more than $500. It means that:
the credit leverage may be changed to 1:200
the Stop Out level may be changed to 100%

These restrictions can be removed after long-term stable trading or after the necessary number of lots has been completed.
• 8. This bonus program has been developed only for “Micro” and “Standard” MT4 accounts. “Welcome!”, “Standard-MT5,” “ZuluTrade,” “MT-ECN,” “Premium” and “Integral” accounts are not participating in this promotion.
• 9. In all other controversial cases not covered by the rules above, the company has the right to make its own decision about crediting or deducting a bonus.
Send an invitation to every email address you can find for NordFX. Invite them to come to this thread and explain what is going on.
I have already send them a email in their support to explain here.But they aren't giving any reply.I have send the invitation 1 days ago.
Fellow fpa members if you could give me any advise to fight against this scam broker i will be very grateful to u
According to their site "the Company is a regulated financial institution. Possessing an investment license numbered C108006311 issued by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission".

It's a long shot, but you should contact the Mauritius Financial Services Commission Financial Services Commission
Thanks a lot master yoda for this advise.I will send a complain against nordfx about this issue.
Can u help me by telling what proves should i need to provide them to prove the nordfx guilty.