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The advantages of IB partnership with NPBFX.

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The NPBFX Company is pleased to offer favorable conditions for partners at IB program ("Introducing Broker"). The NPBFX affiliate program enables partners to be rewarded for attracting new customers and recommending them to open a trading account with NPBFX. Each partner receives a commission for deals made by an attracted customer.


Who can be interested in IB program with NPBFX?

The program is oriented on businesses and individuals that would like to make a good source of income and have an Internet access:

• professional traders - share your trading experience, recommend beginners, colleagues, friends to trade with NPBFX and receive a commission from each attracted customer;
• beginners - learn to trade with NPBFX and tell about your success, earning opportunities with our company and attract new customers. A partner reward will allow you to reach a new level of trading with larger deposits;
• if you are not related to the Forex theme but want to earn money - get all the necessary NPBFX promo materials and use all the available methods to attract customers.

You can join the NPBFX IB program without investing your own capital and without any trading experience.

The IB program conditions for partners

The NPBFX Company does not impose any restrictions on use of legal methods of attracting customers:
- promotion and recommendation of NPBFX services (social networks, forums, blogs, etc.);
- use of referral links on partners’ websites;
- consultations, trainings, webinars.

NPBFX offers the following partner reward rates from 1, 0 lot (opened and closed) depending on account type:
• Master - 4 USD;
• Expert - 2 USD;
• VIP – 1 USD.

NPBFX provides its partners with all the necessary promo materials with referral links to be placed on web recourses. You can get the promo materials by filling out the partner registration form on the company's website.

The advantages of partnership with NPBFX:

• no restrictions on the minimum number of attracted clients and their trading activity;
• commissions are payed from each deal without any additional conditions;
• favorable service conditions for attracted customers: trading without a conflict of interest (the company outputs all clients’ deals to external liquidity providers via STP/NDD technology); tight spreads and qualitative execution;
• impeccable reputation and high level of confidence to the broker, providing services on Forex since 1996.

In order to join the IB program, fill out the partner registration form on the NPBFX website.
NPBFX locates servers in Equinix - instant speed and quality of order execution.

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The NPBFX Company sets a goal to take the leading position in providing innovative trading technologies to ensure the best execution of orders via STP/NDD technology for its customers. In this connection, the company's servers are located in one of the world’s most modern and secure data centers – Equinix NY4, New York.


The Equinix Company is one of the world's largest technology providers in the financial market, controlling more than 100 data centers in 15 different countries. Equinix NY4 data center is the most popular among all the production sites on Equinix platform. Many of the largest stock exchanges are served by the New York financial hub Equinix, including Nasdaq, BATS, ICAP, NYSE.

The NPBFX trading system in Equinix NY4 data center is directly linked to the world's largest liquidity providers (Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, UBS, JPMorgan, BNP Paribas and others) and clients. Each customer’s deal is outputted to the liquidity provider that offers the best price at the moment of order execution request.

Due to the innovative server technologies, their high productivity, the execution of clients’ deals is up to 100-300 ms with minimum of delay. Instant and stable execution plays one of the key roles in successful trading, especially for HFT-traders. Also, customers of NPBFX can rent a VPS-server in New York for more improvement of orders execution speed (up to several tens of milliseconds).

Try the advantages of instant deals execution with NPBFX.
VIP trading account: special conditions of trade with NPBFX

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Clients of NPBFX Company have an opportunity to trade on three types of accounts: Master, Expert and VIP, that differ in terms of trade. VIP trading account offers special conditions for traders with large deposits and large trade turnover.


Trade conditions of VIP Trading account:

• minimum trade volume - 1 lot (100 000 units of the base currency.);

• spreads from 0.4 points;

• minimum initial deposit - 100,000 USD / 100,000 EUR / 500 0000 RUB;

• maximum leverage - 1: 100.

NPBFX does not charge any commissions for opening and maintaining a VIP account.

Clients of NPBFX can select the currency to open a trading account of the three possible options: the US dollar, Euro, Russian ruble. The Company provides an opportunity to trade 33 most liquid currency pairs as well as gold (XAU) and silver (XAG). Trading is available through the MetaTrader 4 trading platform and its mobile versions. Also customers are provided with an online access to DowJones news feed.

The Company locates its servers in one of the most modern and secure data centers in the world - Equinix NY4, New York that can speed up the execution of deals up to 100-300 ms. NPBFX outputs all deals of its customers on the interbank market to the largest liquidity providers via STP/NDD technology. This ensures an instant order execution at the best market prices at the moment of order request.

The NPBFX Company does not impose any non-market restrictions on clients’ trading (there are no restrictions on minimum/maximum retention time of open position, automated trading, scalping, news trading, freezing levels).

NPBFX is a reliable STP/NDD-broker, worthy of your attention: the company has an excellent reputation of providing high quality services on FOREX since 1996.

Get special serving conditions on VIP account in NPBFX.
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Compensation Fund is up to $20 000 per customer. NPBFX has received the A category status of the Financial Commission member

Good afternoon, dear forum visitors!

We are pleased to announce the new status of NPBFX in the Financial Commission - our Company has received the A category membership. The new status of NPBFX guarantees the right to increase the Compensation Fund up to $20 000 per customer.


What was the purpose of the Financial Commission establishment?

The Financial Commission is an independent international organization established for the settlement of disputes between broker and trader on FOREX. The Financial Commission was established as a neutral third party to ensure rapid, objective and professional resolution of disputes between the parties.
The Financial Commission has joined the leading independent experts of the industry and established the most effective dispute settlement Committee in relation to online trading. Currently, the Committee consists of 12 members from different countries.

How does the Financial Commission help to defend the interests of traders?

The Financial Commission provides an additional protection for all customers of NPBFX through the payment guarantees from the Compensation Fund. The Compensation Fund covers solutions of up to $20 000 per customer for clients of A category membership companies. The Fund is kept on a separate bank account and is used in case of failure to execute the decision of the Financial Commission in favor of the client. Any customer of the company which is the member of the Financial Commission can get a free help to deal with possible disputes.

Advantages for clients of the company with the A category status of the Financial Commission member:

• protection through the Commission’s Compensation Fund of up to $20 000 per client;
• free access to neutral and impartial environment for the resolution of any dispute or claim;
• fast and efficient investigation and resolution of disputes;
• ability to learn and get transparent answers.

The A category membership of the Financial Commission makes one more confirmation of the reliability of the Company and assure customers of NPBFX of an extra protection of their deposits.

You can personally make sure of the reliability of trading with NPBFX.
Why do traders choose NPBFX?

Good afternoon, dear forum visitors!

One of the main purposes of NPBFX Company is providing high quality services on FOREX with the most favorable terms of trade. It’s profitable to us when customers earn, so we’re trying to provide the best solutions for the most convenient and profitable trading for our clients.


Why do traders choose NPBFX?

1. Earning since in 1996 with us
NPBFX Company has started providing services on FOREX since 1996. Currently, the Company has a reputation as a reliable broker, serving private traders and providing liquidity for corporate clients and institutional partners.

2. The brokerage model of service
The NPBFX Company serves customers by the brokerage business model and is actually an intermediary between the client and the liquidity providers. NPBFX Company is directly interested in trading success of its clients: the greater the number and volume of transactions of customers are, the higher the income of the company is.

3. Outputting of all customers’ deals on the interbank market via STP/NDD technology
NPBFX outputs all customers’ deals on the largest liquidity providers via STP/NDD technology: banks and ECN-systems. This ensures the execution of orders only at actual market prices and excludes a conflict of interest between the client and the broker.

4. Estimate speed and quality of execution
NPBFX locates its servers in one of the most modern and secure data centers in the world - Equinix NY4 in New York. This allows to ensure the best execution of orders via STP/NDD technology at speed up to 100-300 ms on the most favorable market prices.

5. Automated trading is welcomed
The company allows its customers to use any trading strategies without any restrictions from classic trading strategies to automated trading with the help of advisors and HFT-trading. We are continuously working for the best liquidity providers attraction and technology development to ensure the best execution of deals for our customers.

6. Compensation Fund is up to $ 20 000 for each client
The NPBFX Company has received the A category status of the Financial Committee member. The Financial Committee is an international independent organization for the settlement of disputes in the financial markets between broker and trader. This status of NPBFX ensures additional protection and the right to increase the Compensation Fund up to $ 20 000 per customer.

7. Professional analytical portal
The Company's customers have free access to multilingual online portal with exclusive analytical materials, tools for price forecasting in the financial markets and the video reviews. Using the analytical portal provides an opportunity to make trading decisions on the level of professional traders.

8. The best trading platforms
Our clients can trade on the financial markets through the most modern and reliable trading platforms: MetaTrader 4 and the mobile versions of MetaTrader 4 Mobile for Android, iPhone or iPad with an access to DowJones news feed.

9. Free deposit and withdrawal of funds
Clients of NPBFX Company are provided with free deposit and withdrawal of funds from trading accounts through plastic cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro), payment systems (WebMoney, QIWI, Yandex, Skrill, Neteller, FasaPay). Also clients can use bank wire transfer (SWIFT).

10. Round-the-clock support around the world
NPBFX clients receive professional service and support 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. You can contact our support team in Russian and English languages at any time from 22:00 GMT Sunday until 21:00 GMT Friday.

Try all the advantages of trading with NPBFX yourself.
NPBFX: direct output on the interbank market by STP/NDD technology

Good afternoon, dear forum visitors!

STP/NDD technology is one of the most advanced systems on the FOREX, providing direct output of deals on the interbank market. The NPBFX Company serves customers exactly by this broker business model. What is the STP/NDD system and what are the benefits received by our customers?


NDD (Non Dealing Desk) literally means "trade without the participation of a brokerage company." Orders of customers are directly sent to the liquidity providers in the automatic mode). Output of deals on the interbank market is carried out by STP technology (Straight-through processing - «pass-through transaction processing") using the bridge of the MetaTrader 4 trading platform to the liquidity providers without intermediaries. This allows to achieve high-speed execution of orders. Each customer’s deal is hedged on the liquidity providers, so the company does not have an open currency position. Prices from the liquidity providers are compared with each other and the client receives an order execution at the best possible market price.

Due to the use of the brokerage model via STP/NDD technology, the NPBFX Company does not appear the second party in customers’ deals. The company earns only from the client’s trading turnover. The company’s income from serving customers is formed from a small value added to spreads called markup. It is profitable to NPBFX when our customers earn. The brokerage business model eliminates the financial conflict of interest between the company and the client.

Advantages of STP/NDD technology for customers of NPBFX:

• direct output on the interbank market,

• execution of orders at the best market prices,

• high-speed processing of orders and execution,

• no re-quotes,

• low spreads,

• the ability to use any trading strategies without any restrictions (from classic trading strategies to algorithmic and HFT-trading),

• no conflict of interest.

The NPBFX Company is providing services on the FOREX market since 1996. Try reliable trading via STP/NDD technology without the conflict of interest in NPBFX today!
Open the potential of mobile trading with NPBFX

Good afternoon, dear forum visitors!

Current Forex market is constantly in dynamics, and every second is an opportunity to make profit for a trader. The NPBFX Company offers customers mobile versions of MetaTrader 4 trading platform, so you can always keep your finger on the pulse and not miss a profitable deal.


Mobile trading allows traders to manage a trading account by a variety of mobile devices such as smartphones, PDAs, tablets. Modern mobile platforms offer traders a wide functionality that almost has no differences from desktop versions. Mobile versions provide full control of trading account, large variety of analytical tools, graphical display of quotes, trading signals, current news, etc. Today mobile trading is becoming an indispensable tool and a daily help for millions of traders from the whole world, especially when an access to a desktop PC is not possible for some reasons.

Clients of NPBFX have an opportunity to trade using mobile versions of MetaTrader 4 trading platform for Android and iOS operating systems.

The mobile versions of MetaTrader 4 for Android and iOS from NPBFX provide:

• all types of orders;
• technical indicators;
• full control of trading accounts;
• market analysis based on graphs;
• quotes in real time mode;
• an access to trade from anywhere in the world.

Using the mobile versions of MetaTrader 4, you can execute all the necessary trade operations and monitor changes of the Forex market 24 hours a day.

MetaTrader 4 for Android and iOS are available for free download from Google play and AppStore. Also you can find a detailed guide of installation the applications on your mobile devices on the company's website in trading platforms section.

Join mobile trading and try easy trading with NPBFX.
The United States presidential election and possible changes in terms of trade in NPBFX

Good afternoon, dear forum visitors!

The upcoming US presidential election that will be held on November 8, 2016, is almost the most discussed topic for millions of traders in the whole world today. The last debates, big information on the candidates and their potential chances of success have already demonstrated their direct impact on the exchange rates and the Forex market generally.


The NPBFX Company notifies that due to the US presidential election rate of volatility and risks in trading transactions on FOREX market can increase. In regard to the following information NPBFX can change trading conditions from 7 to 11 November 2016:

1. reduction of leverage that have been chosen by customer while opening trading account;
2. transactions can be shift to the mode “close only”; opening new positions can be not available.

Also, please, take into account that the market conditions may require additional changes in the terms of service.
Please, keep in mind that during the US presidential election, on election day, as well as their end, risks of any trading operations for all currency pairs and metals can increase substantially. At the same time there is a possibility of abrupt changes in prices; significant price gaps; deterioration liquidity of trading instruments, that can be accompanied by increased frequency and magnitude of price slippages and deviations requests in transactions.

Due to the following news you should pay an extra attention while planning and conducting trading operations.
Trading signals in NPBFX portal: make right decisions in trading!

Good afternoon, dear forum visitors!

We remind you that our NPBFX Company has recently launched the new analytical portal with exclusive materials and tools. Online portal from NPBFX is a powerful tool for successful trading in the financial markets, that gives you an opportunity to make trading decisions on professional level.

Today we would like to talk about trading signals that are the most popular section among users of the portal. Traders often have recourse to various signals to make trading decisions, especially in case of congruence of signals. The congruence of strong signals, for example, fundamental and technical analysis, helps to determine the best time to enter the market or the period when it’s better to abstain from activity.


Signals in NPBFX analytical portal give traders a number of advantages: quick help in making trading decisions, significant retrenchment of energy on analysis "by hand", convenient and easy use. Trading signals are used both by beginners and professionals: for ones it is a great assistant and help for the lack of sufficient trading experience, for others it is a good opportunity to test themselves, to enhance confidence in their decisions and save time.

Visitors of NPBFX analytical portal have an access to trading signals provided by 10 popular indicators (MA10, MA20, MA50, MA100, MACD, BBands, Ichimoku, Stochastic, William`s, ZigZag) with consensus forecast. The signals are updated automatically every minute, also you can choose a convenient timeframe - M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4 and D1. In addition, the section has Forex Market Review on the most popular trading instruments (EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, XAGUSD, BRENT, etc.).


You can also take a look at the section of online chat with the analyst and directly receive detailed consultation and comments on interested trading signal or other questions of trade.

Get free and unlimited access to the trading signals and other sections of NPBFX analytical portal by registering on the official website of the company.
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Unlimited access to fresh news and analytics on NPBFX online portal

Good afternoon, dear forum visitors!

We continue to acquaint you with the materials and tools of the new analytical portal of NPBFX. Today we would like to take a closer look at the possibilities of Feed section.

In this section users have an access to the blocks of fresh analytics and actual news. Analytics and news are updated several times during each trading day that allows traders to keep constantly abreast of latest events and make trading decisions quickly.


Also this section contains unique materials on major events and trading assets prepared by analysts in convenient form for users. This helps to save users’ time and energy to search, collect and process of information independently.

Detailed fundamental and technical analysis with charts, current trends, scenarios and trade recommendations on the most significant trading tools are available in the analytical section. For example, today on NPBFX portal you can already find analytics on USD/JPY and USD/CAD (wave analysis), GBP/JPY and USD/TRY (Ichimoku clouds), etc.


The news section on the NPBFX analytical portal contains the updates of the key world events and indicators with their importance mark and interpretation of direct influence on the financial markets. Also you can see here the timer showing the time before the next world event or the release on one of the most important indicators. Today at 18:00 (GMT + 3), by the way, the Fed's Chair Janet Yellen will give a speech to the US Congress with the report on the current economic situation, that can lead to volatility increase on the market.

When using the analytical portal, you can always ask the analyst in the online chat and directly receive detailed comments on the analytics of currency pairs or other trading issues.

In order to get free and unlimited access to all the analytical materials and tools from the NPBFX portal, you need to sign up on the official website of the company. An access to the portal will be opened immediately in your personal office after the registration without the compulsory initial deposit.