NRG Binary Question

If you try to withdraw everything, there is a good chance you won't get any of your remaining money. Instead give a convincing reason why you need to withdraw a large percentage of what is in the account now with a promise to put in more later.
what im noticing is that you deposited $3750,and have only withdrawn $2000 so far.therefore they still have $1750 of your advice here would be to see if another withdrawal request for $2000 would be honoured,and that you will be happy to 'play' with the rest of your balance.this will be the 'acid test'.and i rather suspect things wont go quite as smoothly as your first withdrawal....
OH! Wondering why NRG let him withdraw the money, it's $2000, thought withdrawal was $20000(amazed me how NRG allowed that!)
What are you happy of Mr.client? They allowed withdrawal because it's less than your deposit, try to make some profits or withdraw the remaining amount to see NRG real face!!
I was able to withdraw some money initially also from NRG/Titantrade. They do this to gain my trust. They even offer money credited for the loss trade we made through the insured trade. Problem is when you try to withdraw more money than you deposit.Also, All the insured trade capital they added initially will be deducted when you make subsequent withdrawal.
That is my experience with NRG/Titantrade. Please be careful.