NRG Binary Scammed in a New Way

Moeen Ghiyas

Impending Class Action Lawsuit
Against NRG Binary

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NRG Binary using new ways to SCAM as stated below:
1. They simply invalidated my account no 11106 (holding $48000) from their MT4 platform thus disallowing login and visibility of account to me (client) :mad: possibly because I would not let my NRG broker to indulge into losing trades by first email warning and later closing down the losing trades myself. Complaint was immediately lodged to my NRG broker Mr Watan and their business manager Mr Lance Graham; to which my NRG broker replied that account is fine with trades open and I should check my connection. Five days later my broker emailed me that he lost my account (while my account was invalid and with no trading history visible) and would try to recover and on phone told me to add more money to which I refused and since then he is not in contact. Mr Lance Graham took a month to reply me against my reminders and wrote that something seems wrong in my account and inquiry is underway which will take 14 woking days but its been more than 2 months now and he also does not bother to reply anymore.
2. Withdrawal requests made while the account was healthy with NRG Binary were never approved. They were initially delayed and later cancelled at their own by NRG till the time my whole amount was shifted by my broker Mr Watan to MT4 account. Later emails and phone call requests were replied that withdrawal will be allowed soon within a week or on coming Monday etc but money was never released. This delaying tactics continued for over 5 months till my whole account was invalidated by NRG.
3. NRG broker asked me to deposit handsome amounts into the account to avail the volatility benefits of December 2013, against which he offered me a advance credit of $15000, and my mistake I agreed under his insistence. :mad:Later he threatened me that if I fail to deposit $15000 within the stipulated grace period NRG will seize my account holding $32000. They would not agree on withdrawing the same credited amount from my account with them but only insist and pressurised me into depositing additional $15000 or lest I lose my whole account holding $32000.
4. NRG engages the clients through direct telephone calls by their traders and cleverly they choose muslim/Asian/middle eastern traders to call muslim/Asian/middle eastern clients and accordingly christian/European traders for their christian/European clients.



I suggest:

Gather any additional evidence, such as screenshots of anything relevant to your deposits.

File a complaint with - Your site for cross-border complaints. They don't take action - they do share complaints with police and regulators in many countries - your complaint may be the one that gives some agency the final piece of evidence needed to take action.

Contact your bank and local police. Describe the situation to them. Ask of there is any form of cyber-police or a central reporting place for online financial fraud in your country. If you find out about anything like this, share the information here.

If any of your deposits used a credit card, speak to the fraud department at your bank and ask if a chargeback is possible.

Take one big step to help warn the world and save more traders from falling into this trap. File an FPA Traders Court case (Click Here to file) and follow up on it. One more guilty verdict and this outfit gets a well-earned FPA Scam Finding.


I didn't knew that Binary platform can operate through MT4
I was a bit horrified when I first saw this. It's an addon for MT4 that lets the client select the time frame, wager amount, and Up vs Down.

So, the client sees a demo price feed on MT4, which can lead them to believe that they are playing on the real market - except that losses are real. Of course, with many binary brokers, any attempt to withdraw will fail.


Private, 1st Class
All the victims are waiting for justice. A rough estimate of the number of victims have already reached over 30 with an approximate loss of over $1,500,000

We are hoping that this comes to an end. Everyone has provided verifiable evidence on how they cheat people and use a demo MT4 and cheat people with false profits.

I am certain that one day, they will realize that they can not cheat people forever and that playing with people to make a living will entail a high price to pay, needless to say the reputation of those scammers and images are already everywhere in the net. This will soon be on Facebook, twitter and other social media.