NRG in not authorized


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I have deposited total US$10,000 to via credit card. It has grown up to US$19,000 after 2 months, until I ask for cash transfer to credit card. After a week without response, they told me about some bad news and good news. That I have lost a lot, and the good news is we can recover if I deposit another $7,500.
I have check NRG from Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission (linked to "Financial Regulators Gateway) and found out that they are never authorized by the Commission since Oct 18, 2013.
I still see that they are still very strong and recruiting. I know that I will never get my money back but is there any way to stop them?


Chances of getting your profits back are slim. There is a reasonable chance of recovering your initial deposit.

First, get all your records and evidence in order, including something showing that your account had plenty of money when you asked for the withdrawal. Then call your credit card's issuing bank. Ask to speak to someone in the fraud department. Explain exactly how your account was magically wiped out not long after you tried to get some of your money back. Ask if a chargeback is an option.

Report back here with an update.