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Hey Guys,

Just a quick message about NRGBINARY. There is an official warning about NRGBINARY on the CYSEC site. Go to and look under warnings. All the companies that are dodgy and the scum of the earth are listed on the warning page. Please before opening any trading account with any broker or company, check CYSEC first. It will save you alot of grief in the long run. I wished i knew about them and FPA before i got hit by these *********


ismail rasool

NRGbinary nrgbinary warning from this company its big Spotter
I entered the company for an amount My arrived in 5000 to 10 thousand dollars and was offered a hand (wasim Saad and Mahmoud Zeidan) I enter on the platform mt4
And started to earn a profit many and necessary deposited 10 thousand role I told him i dont have any liquidity and tell me i will speak to the company give u $10 thousand for one month dimensional paid crdit and withdraw profits and I put pressure on myself and take mony from banks and slotted crdit $10 thousand and I told them I want to drag and they said I will be drawing open deal Random first time they are opening like this deal time after what I paid the crdit trades loss is very large and has become my account on Almains and then calling me to tell me that your account is at risk and need to liquidity of $ 40,000 thousand dollars or ur ac**** will be loss all ur money people this are the owners of the souls of weak steal money of people lost in the transactions reached my account from 130 thousand to $ 10 thousand dollars and sent email to stop trading and withdrawal my profit , but not the lives of those who advocate
Total deposit my total lost $ 15,000 .becarfull warning from this company nrgbinary this company claimed lose his money and great regret remors


هذه الشركة شركة مخادعة .. وهي عبارة عن مجموعة من النصابين يعملون بأسماء مستعارة ..

لدي تجربة سيئة معهم فقد سرقوا اموالي .. وفي النهاية لا يجيبون على الايميل ولا الاتصالات ..

قام الحرامي النصاب محمود زيدان بأخذ بيانات بطاقتي البنكيه وسحب منها مبلغ 4000 دولار .. ثم قام بالتداول الى ان وصل المبلغ الى 24 الف دولار .. طلبت منهم ان اسحب النقود او بعضا منها

وهنا بدأت الصفقات الخاسره تتوالى .. قمت بايقاف الصفقات وطلبت منه ارسال مبلغ 4 الاف دولار فقام بارسالها .. حيث ظهر لدي انها سحبت من حسابي على الميتا فور .. ولكن اين ذهبت الاموال ؟؟؟ لا أعلم ..

ارسلت له ايميل فاخبرني انها ستصل خلال 3 ايام .. ومر الان 3 أشهر ولم استلم اي مبلغ .. لا اجابة على الايميلات ولا المكالمات .. اخيرا محمود زيدان فتح صفقة خاسره خسرت فيها كل اموالي ..

هذه شركة نصابة فيها مجموعه من اللصوص يسرقون اموال الناس .. لا يوجد احد لديه تجربة جيدة معهم ..

احذر كل من يرغب في التعامل مع فوريكس او الثنائيات ان يبحث عن شركة لها سمعتها مسجلة ومرخصه ..

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NRGBinary Lance G. Business Development Manager

Yes I have a problem with the NRGBinary, and I need to speak to Lance Graham, if he or she is the Business Development Manager, I have been trying to get in touch with any one from NRGBinary for more than 10 days, I try all means of communication supposedly they have, but not reply.

If it is true whomever want to solve issues with NRGBinary, I would like and very much appreciate their help.

On October 31st of 2013, I open an account withe (NRGBinary Company) binary and Forex Market broker, I funded my account with $2500, because I don't have no experience on this business they assigned one of their senior broker to trade for me, he then later asked me for more fund to open another account for me in the forex market, we agreed to deposit a $20000 in this account, my balance in this account reached more than $1300000, after receiving my wire transfer and deposit it in my account, and I asked him to make a withdrawal form my balance he was always trying to delay that, after that he started opining positions a very high lots and high leverage, in a matter of few hours, he brought my balance down to about $5500, ever since that for more than the last 10 days I have been trying to reach him or anyone else form the company by all means of communications available to their customers, but no respond as of this moment.
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I need to get in touch with them, they do not reply to my messages nor answer my phone calls


Nrgbinary is scam?

Inoltro con la presente nota per segnalare un truffa operata da NRGBINARY.
La società si è assunta la gestione di un mio conto di 10.000 € in opzioni binarie, con l’impegno da parte di NRG a mantenere l’integrità del conto ed a corrispondere un rendimento mensile compreso tra 8% e 10% (minimo 8 % garantito -vedasi contratto allegato).
L’accordo è contenuto in un contratto inviato via mail da NRG (a mezzo account manager Benedetto Staffieri) e da me ritornato firmato.
L’impegno è stato confermato via mail e più volte ribadito dall’account manager Benedetto Staffieri in chat scritte via skype..
L’impegno è stato rispettato per alcuni mesi ma poi è stato arbitrariamente sospeso e infine:
una prima richiesta di prelievo (1200 €) è stata ‘cancellato’ 20 dicembre 2012;
una seconda richiesta di prelievo di (2400 € ) è stata ‘cancellata il 20 gennaio 2014.
un invito al rispetto contrattuale del 24 gennaio 2014 è stato ignorato (è pervenuta solo una risposta di rutine precompilata)
un invito al rispetto contrattuale del 3 marzo 2014 è stato ignorato.
un invito al rispetto contrattuale del 5 marzo 2014 è stato ignorato.

Segnalo per tentare di risolvere il caso.

Con stima per la Vostra attività.

Allegherò documentazione per apertura caso:
- Schema contratto
- conferma contratto via mail
- varie riconferme rendimento 8% via skype
- copia schermata conto on line per versamenti fatti e prelievi respinti


  • estratto VERSAMENTI E PRELIEVI 2013-2014 tolto i nomi.doc
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  • estratto copia mail con impegno all'8% garantito tolto i nomi.doc
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NRG Victims

Hello Everyone.

I am waiting to see that this company brought to justice. Enough is enough. All these victims have been complaining and telling stories on how they were ripped off. I lost my $217,000 in capital. This was after mahmud zeidan managed to get my profit up to $3000,000 yes THREE MILLION US DOLLARS. The question is did he really in fact achieved this profit or was it just a game and the MT4 platform was just a joke? I can not answer this question, but for sure, If he really got me to $3 million, why would he have to put my account in a total hedge by opening many lots and leaving my account goes to ZERO???
I sympathize for myself and other victims, but For sure, the day will come and those who call themselves heroes in stealing people money will be brought to justice. The company website will be one day closed and the accountable manager will realize that no matter how he and his liars cheat people, They will pay the price at the end. The list of brokers involved are Mahmud Zeidan, Jihan Alzein, Ahmad nassr, Wassem Saade, Ruby jones, Nicole Ashley and off course others that i did not know.
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Hi All,
I have been ripped off and all the money stolen by this company, NRG Binary is a fraud.
First off all, my account manager withdrawn 1000 $ directly from my bank account without asking me and based upon his advice I lost all of them.
I asked officially more than 2 times to withdraw my money and my account manager, Richard Gibson, cancelled them and traded with all the money in my account without my permission by himself.
I have not received any request or feedback from billing department regarding to my request.
Based upon his control on my account, I lost 2000 $ because of his mismanagement and misjudgement on the market and ignoring my requests.
I send him more than 5 emails asking him to withdraw the money and cancel the trading that he did without my permission and even asking me but no response from him.He dealt with my account as his own money as he done the trade and he should be responsible for that as he does not have rights to trade by money people.