- Scam!


The broker of West Valley Consultancy LTD - Cay 1, Road Town,
Tortola, British Virgin Islands - the swindler! With 16 till 19.06.2015 by a throw-in of spikes in quotations, delay of operation of warrants me completely lost the deposit in the sum of 9.942,34 USD.
Carefully! On a demo account of the quotation and speed of operation - at the level of the best ECN brokers, spreads - minimum in the market, and to these these swindlers attract to themselves.
As far as I know, I not first of Russian-speaking traders who completely lost the deposit. In response to all claims there are standard formal replies:
"Dear Sir,

Thank you for trading with WVC. We appreciate your business. We have checked your tickets history. After we reconciled all the transactions with clearing bank we found that the trades were executed at best possible price at the time. There is not mistake in prices.

After comparing prices provided by different sources for that particular period of time we found that the weighted difference between all those sources was not exceeding 5-10 pips max (depends of companies spreads) There is not mistake in prices.

As you can see in all Forex charts, market reached the price. Some clearing Banks get market prices earlier than others and the difference may vary from 1 minute to 1-2 hours.
As the Clearing House specializing in foreign exchange WVC has access to more major banks and market liquidity than regular brokers. This ensures that we can provide you with the faster prices and execution.
Thank you for your understanding.
REMAINDER: It is high risk market; all trades are subject to the terms and conditions of the Client Agreement accessible through our website: number one forex, number 1 forex, number1forex

With Best regards,
Sam Halen
Customer Support Department
West Valley Consultancy LTD"
Clearing banks that take 2 hours to get prices? No wonder so many brokers claim clients are arbitraging with faster price feeds. :p
I planned to test the performance of the server by running EA under the same conditions at the same time from Monday. (Foreign Exchange Clearing House Ltd., Global Clearing Group Ltd, West Valley Consultancy LTD)

I was surprised to set up a demo account! What is demo account number in succession! It is!
It is impossible ... the same group company as the three companies?
What does this mean?