NV (Neerav Vadera) - VerifiedTrading G7FX Exposed


thanks for the review @BennyFlippen. I am sure reading this will save someone their hard earned

For anyone new reading this, also go through the following reviews on G7FX. People have put in some serious effort to warn you. You owe it to yourself to do some research before spending thousands on a Fake Guru

Absolutely - seems that his claim to be a prop trader is fake too.

Some people have reached out to various prop firms and one interesting one has come back thanks to Musthard. Good man!


Repositng this from this thread as this has much relevence here

Thanks for this Musthard. So I was interested in why you wrote SMB capital and I wondered if it was teh Prop firm NV claims to have traded at and been so cagey about.

So I contacted them.

Here is their response.

He was a "trainee" last year, and they don't teach Futures trading. So he was learning to trade in 2020, whilst putting together his G7FX course.

What a scumbag.

I emailed a couple of other prop firms but only SMB replied with any sign of affiliation with NV.

The truth is out people.

Nothing but lies and theft.


Private, 1st Class
I have done NV’s course

when using Sierra chart he uses the user deejaynv - this is a pretty uncommon username as I am sure you’ll agree.



Although I am unsure of the first link could be NV, I am CERTAIN that the second is. His dialect is exactly the same, he uses the same example within his course of a fruit and veg salesman.

this guy is a certi scammer
@Adrianm You are right. deejaynv is NV's username

So here we have an Ex-Institutional trader who bashes retail trading and indicators, but is desperately asking for help with an indicator in 2012. See the username deejaynv -
MQL5 - Desperate.jpg

In 2012, on FPA, he also submitted a case against a Fake Guru (Like Him) who promised to teach NV his trading method of "identifying support and resistance to the micro pip). But the Fake Guru stole NV's money and disappeared. Perhaps this is where NV got the inspiration to scam other people. See the username, deejaynv1. https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/comm...-081-deejaynv1-vs-www-dgbwebdesign-com.21678/ Now why would this Ex-Institutional trader be paying someone to learn a support/resistance strategy after leaving Barclays and advising Central Banks and Hedge Funds :)

lastly, here is NV, in 2020, on his trading course G7FX, trying to login to Sierra Charts using his username, you guessed it deejaynv. Caught with pants down again. and yet, I bet you, some supporters will come and say its a coincidence :)