NV (Neerav Vadera) - VerifiedTrading G7FX Exposed


thanks for the review @BennyFlippen. I am sure reading this will save someone their hard earned

For anyone new reading this, also go through the following reviews on G7FX. People have put in some serious effort to warn you. You owe it to yourself to do some research before spending thousands on a Fake Guru

Absolutely - seems that his claim to be a prop trader is fake too.

Some people have reached out to various prop firms and one interesting one has come back thanks to Musthard. Good man!


Repositng this from this thread as this has much relevence here

Thanks for this Musthard. So I was interested in why you wrote SMB capital and I wondered if it was teh Prop firm NV claims to have traded at and been so cagey about.

So I contacted them.

Here is their response.

He was a "trainee" last year, and they don't teach Futures trading. So he was learning to trade in 2020, whilst putting together his G7FX course.

What a scumbag.

I emailed a couple of other prop firms but only SMB replied with any sign of affiliation with NV.

The truth is out people.

Nothing but lies and theft.


Private, 1st Class
I have done NV’s course

when using Sierra chart he uses the user deejaynv - this is a pretty uncommon username as I am sure you’ll agree.



Although I am unsure of the first link could be NV, I am CERTAIN that the second is. His dialect is exactly the same, he uses the same example within his course of a fruit and veg salesman.

this guy is a certi scammer
@Adrianm You are right. deejaynv is NV's username

So here we have an Ex-Institutional trader who bashes retail trading and indicators, but is desperately asking for help with an indicator in 2012. See the username deejaynv -
MQL5 - Desperate.jpg

In 2012, on FPA, he also submitted a case against a Fake Guru (Like Him) who promised to teach NV his trading method of "identifying support and resistance to the micro pip). But the Fake Guru stole NV's money and disappeared. Perhaps this is where NV got the inspiration to scam other people. See the username, deejaynv1. https://www.forexpeacearmy.com/comm...-081-deejaynv1-vs-www-dgbwebdesign-com.21678/ Now why would this Ex-Institutional trader be paying someone to learn a support/resistance strategy after leaving Barclays and advising Central Banks and Hedge Funds :)

lastly, here is NV, in 2020, on his trading course G7FX, trying to login to Sierra Charts using his username, you guessed it deejaynv. Caught with pants down again. and yet, I bet you, some supporters will come and say its a coincidence :)




Well... I am a customer of G7FX who paid a huge $1075 and I believed the hype around NV and how he was a trading legend but I decided to do my own research on his background.

Basically what i discovered is that none of the material or tools he uses and teaches are his. All of the work belongs to other people and it looks like he's making dollar off using other people's work and claiming ownership of it. Disappointing.

Now I'm not gonna say he is a cheap thieving scam artist who is trying to take advantage of inexperienced traders by pretending he has 16 years institutional trading experience.

Ima just lay out the facts as I discovered them and let all y'all can make your own minds up.

1) He said he worked 16 years Institutional Sell Side & Proprietary trading experience working with Hedge Funds, Central Banks & Private Clients, with 6 years at Barclays. You can actually look his history up here:


I looked those positions up, 3 years at Barclays and nothing else, and neither of those jobs look like Trader Jobs, they are "Client Advisor" jobs. See here:

Then, the "Institutional Trading" history trail goes a bit cold. He says in his instagram ads that after Barclays he traded at a top Prop Firm. There is no mention of who that top prop firm is anywhere. The only Prop firm on any of his track records is G7Capital - a firm he started (and presumably self-funded?).

Well G7 Cap didnt do great: https://i.imgur.com/qhxfOYI.png

But hey I could be wrong.

2) Then he shows up on Forex factory in 2013 until 2014/15 telling the world he is an institutional trader and knows what the big boys do.

So here he admits he has been going solo since 2008 but only managed to start trading consistently and generating income form around 2010. He also says he trades EXCLUSIVELY FX and they are the best markets. so from 2008- 2020 he has traded by himself??

If that is the case, then his 16 years of institutional trade experience must have began in 1992 and finished in 2008... So I guess he was a child prodigy?
On Forex Factory he trades all sorts of FX parings (https://i.imgur.com/1xqCQZD.jpg), unlike what he says today, which is only ever trade 1 FX pair an CL /ES.

His trading Style?: Elliot Wave : smh


Then around 2014/15 he disappears from Forex Factory until 2019/20 when he re-appears on instagram as this institutional legend. Trading OrderFlow, Volume Analyisis, the DOM and auction market theory.

Very fancy indeed! Since we can assume from Forex Factory at this point that his experience is not based on those concepts, one could summize that at MOST he has about 4-5 years experience in orderflow trading. But that would be speculation... let's move on to some more evidence and see what actual facts we can uncover.

First Component: the DOM - depth of market.

NV teaches how the dom works and shares his "CUSTOM MADE DOM LADDER" that he says he spent $$$$ on and is sharing it with us for free (why thanks!).

Watching this, I was very surprised to see that the DOM and NV's explanation of of the market mechanism is identical to how John Grady teaches it in his 2016 course "NO BS DAY TRADING".

John Grady even used the hypothetical "APPLES MARKET" to help students understand it in laymens terms, but NV seems to have changes it to "Banana Markets" just to freshen things up.

John Grady's Custom DOM vs Nv's 'Custom DOM': https://i.imgur.com/Mzs3joQ.jpg

There's more.

VOLUME: HE talks about he has developed over many years these custom volume charts based around developing value. Well I was very surprised to find that his "personally developed sierra custom volume chart" has the same identical source code as the charts that were developed by the guys at the private banker forum. In fact it IS the same chart that User @WWWINGMAN from leprivatebanker.com created and shared to the students. I looked up the source code in sierra chart and it is the same.

Here are the Private banker chart templates: https://leprivatebanker.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/charttmp02.png


Interesting that the Private Banker's 2 key markets that they trade are ES And CL - Co-incidence?

So I thought I would sign up to the private banker forum and see if there was any similarity at all between what they teach and the G7FX program, because surely he wouldnt steal someone else's work... would he?

things such as "cumulative delta" and "value migration", "Line in the sand", "composites" - all in the private bankers 2013 program.



Footprint Tool:

NV said it was custom made and he spent $$$$ to make it. It is actually the footprint from Order Flow Analytics:


Any current students should ask NV to provide the HTF VWAP training he originally removed so that they have the full material rather than the watered down version he is selling.

But wait! There's more:


Claim: He's the only 100% Fully Audited Trader Social Media. https://imgur.com/A2tGIDO

Let's do our own audit of his Myfx book shall we?

on the 8th April 2020 he took a "Live Trade" as part of the G7FX course. Of course he his account details, however when he hovered his mouse over the TP line we got a flash of his position size. That's all we need:


12.8 Pips Profit £4.77 GBP.

Here is the link to his myfx book for April: https://www.myfxbook.com/members/VerifiedTrading/g7fx/5471709

Go to page 7, 8th April and you will find his GBPJPY long trade 12.8 pips

I'm sure he will remove this link so I have taken the liberty of taking some screenshots:

Here is his Myfxbook for April: https://i.imgur.com/Mg6lxsx.jpg

Then Page 7, 8th April: https://i.imgur.com/iiJ8FZ3.jpg

I have located the same trade and it shows a profit of 0.4%.

So, lets do some simple math:

Account Size = £4.77 / 0.004 = £1,192.50

So this 100% fully auditied trader is selling his trading course and mentorship based on the stats of a £1k account on myfxbook.



Finally, this isn't the first time he has been trying to run a trading scheme:


Funny hey? : https://i.imgur.com/4kR6usp.png


Now I'm not jumping to any conclusions here. I'll just leave the facts out here and you guys can all come to your own conclusions.

Personally, as a customer, I am disappointed. I want my money back and I think NV owes the whole community and explanation and apology and a mass refund to everyone, and if you can't get a refund file a chargeback with your bank while you still can.

Wow such a long post. Respect. Can I just ask if you have a particular reason to post this? What gains are you personally hoping to achieve? Also do you have an alternative suggestion? What have you=subsequently spent as much energy on to enhance your own trading if you do such a thing? Easy to slag something off. To offer something that people can work with,..................a different matter.!!! I Welcome your response. Before you assume that this is NV it is not as he would not bother wasting time on a defunct post as this that you started. Happy trading.