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Discuss NWFBroker.com (North-West Financial Broker)

General discussions of a financial company

Julia NWFB

NWFB Representative
Start of the competition "Win Audi Q7»

June 15, 2012 launched an important event in trading - traders' contest where the grand prize is a car Audi Q7!

Company North-West Financial Broker wishes good luck to all contestants!

Monitoring of the competition is available here:
Take part in the competition and win AUDI Q7

The contest will run until July 15, 2012, after we will announce the results and award the winner!

Let the best win!

Julia NWFB

NWFB Representative
The proposal "Take our money!"

Dear traders! We are pleased to present the most profitable to date Forex affiliate program of the Company North-West Financial Broker!

For all of our partners, we offer a unique proposal: in the next 3 months (from June 18 to September 17), each of our partners will receive 100% of our profits (2 points per transaction) on the most popular currency pairs: EUR / USD, USD / JPY, GBP / USD and USD / CHF. For other pairs the partners’ reward will also be 2 points.

Here is a simple calculation. Let's say you invited a customer who opened the account with our Company for 500$. And this customer opens a position on the EUR / USD trading pair with lot (volume) 1.0, and 2-point spread is paid, which amounted to 20$. Suppose that he makes only 1 trade per day during the month. The result (22 trading days on average per month) 22 * 20 = 440$ per month.

And that 440$ will be yours! And with only one client, who opens only one deal a day. And experience shows that many customers open 5-10 trades per day!

Thus, if our partners had earned an average of 3893$, then our partners average earnings will increase more than three times!

It is very profitable to work with Company North-West Financial Broker!

In order to begin attracting customers, it is enough to open an account in the company of North-West Financial Broker and simply place on your website affiliate link or banner, or extend it by other not prohibited means!

Hurry up! Duration of the proposal is limited!

Do not delay, register now and start earning!

All questions ask here: partners@nwfbroker.com

Julia NWFB

NWFB Representative

Company North-West Financial Broker reports that on the night of June 21 there was an ordered attack on our server. In the result we had problems in work of our site and a trading server!

The activity of our Company troubles a whole group of people, because we offer not only quality service for a comfortable trade, but also a variety of events for traders. In particular the competition of the drawing of car Audi Q7. Probably it is not a coincidence that in the first week of the contest there was an attack on the server.

Competitors have already used black PR against the Company's North-West Financial Broker. The tactics to discredit the Company was a fiasco, and now they have come up with something new, but it is rather expensive. The result is the same - a fiasco!

Company North-West Financial Broker continues to work, despite the actions of unfair competitors! We are ready not only to work at a high level, but also seek new ways for the development of the Company and competitors attacks only strengthen our Company and we are flattered that they are afraid of us!

We apologize to our traders and partners for the inconvenience!

Julia NWFB

NWFB Representative
The contest "Win Audi Q7» has finished!

Dear traders! We are glad to inform you that the contest "Win Audi Q7» is COMPLETED!

In the nearest future the winner will be announced!

Julia NWFB

NWFB Representative
Interview with the winner of our competition “Win Audi Q7”​

Hello, Evgeniy! Can I address you this way?

Sure, I’m not very old :).

By the way, how old are you?

I’m 26.

What was your reaction when you found out that you had won the car?

I was shocked. I couldn’t believe as I didn’t take this competition seriously, even with a glimpse of irony. I even didn’t follow the monitoring, just in the beginning I had checked the monitoring for a couple of times. Then everything was in automatic mode.

What do you mean in automatic mode? Did you trade with Expert Adviser (EA)?

I just traded as I could. Of course I had used the EA. I even had traded with several EA’s in turn. First one worked, then another, but I can’t say that in reality they had brought me huge profit. The profit was constant, I agree, but not big.

And what was the reason for such a good result? What is your secret?

Secret must be a secret. It’s a joke :) (laughs loud)! Actually, there is no secret. I took part in the competition for the first time; I didn’t take part in any competitions before.

Why? (the interviewer interrupts him)

I just didn’t believe. And I couldn’t because of my job. After the technical school I worked in the factory. I was fed up with this job and started to look for some extra income. That’s how I came to Forex.

So, what is your secret?

I’m telling you there is no secret! Big deposit that allows controlling risk of loss and closing trades in profit. Why to close trades with loss? Sooner or later the trend will go your way, of course you need a big deposit for this, and you are happy! :) This is the game of nerves, the best is the winner.

What is you seniority in the Forex, if I can say so?

It is a difficult question… When I was working on the factory I didn’t have much time for Forex, I was very tired after work. I had small income from Forex, somewhere around 500$. Then I realized that I get 500$ much easier than working in the factory, I decided to trade full time. It’s been a year and a half since I quit. So, I don’t know how to count.

And the last question, did you like the car?

:) (he has been laughing for a long time)

The results of the competition are here Take part in the competition and win AUDI Q7.

Julia NWFB

NWFB Representative
The story of success with the Company North-West Financial Broker​

Evgeniy Chernishov from Russia was able to increase his trading contest account in 42 times – he made from 10 000 USD - 427 211 USD. In the interview Evgeniy has told us that he doesn’t have any special trading skills in the Forex market, Forex trading is just a hobby for him. Evgeniy won in the competition with more than 2000 participants from all over the world, as a prize he got a brand new Audi Q7.

The team of the North-West Financial Broker congratulates him with worthy victory!!!

1.jpg 2.jpg

The competition took place from June 15 to July 15 2012 on the demo accounts. No investment was needed from the participants. The only condition was to increase the demo account as much as possible. Evgeniy was the best and he continues to trade successfully in the Company North-West Financial Broker, but now he is trading on the real account.

We wish him success!

Julia NWFB

NWFB Representative
Campaign "Take our money!" is extended to October 31!

Dear traders and webmasters, we are pleased to announce the extension of the campaign "Take our money!"

We remind you that according to this campaign you get two points from each transaction made by the attracted by you client! For a transaction with volume 1 lot your reward will be 20$. Having fifteen such transactions you get 300$.

Connect to our affiliate and earn!
Time is limited to October 31!

More details are here - The campaign «Take our money!» - Partnership - North-West Financial Broker.
We are always ready to answer your questions: support@nwfbroker.com.