Oakfort recovery


Dear all,

does anyone know about 'oakfort recovery'?
They told me that they can claim the money back from SunrocIndustrial.live

Is it a serious company?

Thanks in advance


Oooohhhh... They have "vast experience in online dealings."

Funny, their website was only registered on January 22, 2020. They also provide no details about their services other than some fine print about the existence of upfront fees and retainers.

I can't swear it's a recovery room scam based on so little information. I can say the website fails to convince me that they have any useful service to offer.

If I had lost money deposited by credit or debut card, I'd try a DIY chargeback before hiring a company with so little information on their site. It's very rare for anyone short of a lawyer to get money back from deposit methods other than credit/debit cards.

My recommendation - don't even think about some unknown "recovery specialist". Most of them are nothing but scams. Only a small handful have any skill at assisting with a chargeback. Anyone offering fast and easy recovery of your fund is going to cam you.