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Problem Octafx blocked my account for no reason and not giving me my funds 23132$.

I am having an issue with a company

OctaFX Rep

octafx.com Representative
Dear Hamid Ali,

We want to underline that If you breach our terms of service, you are not entitled to a full or partial refund or any other kind of compensation. As all related clauses of our Customer Agreement were already listed in our previous messages, we will touch upon one of the orders from your trading history to make it clear for you and our FPA community.

The Buy order 215030414 from your trading account 23200345 and Sell order 215030410 from your trading account 23198425 are good examples. You opened these orders simultaneously before the news, and while one went into a strong plus, another got into a deep minus. However, as our negative balance feature adjusted your balance by recovering everything below zero, you earned on the difference. The same pattern was discovered in every profitable order in your trading area.

Please note that as we addressed your questions that were repeatedly sent in this thread, further inquiries about a refund will be ignored, and no refund will be provided.

If you have other questions, we will be happy to answer them.

Kind regards,
OctaFX Rep.

Hamid Ali

The Buy order 215030414 from your trading account 23200345 and Sell order 215030410 from your trading account 23198425 are good examples.
You gave example of only hedged orders. You forgot to mention order 215030412 from account no 23198432 which was a buy order and it wasn't hedged from any other account.
So if you want to apply customer agreement clauses, apply on those hedged orders and return my remaining funds. That order I mentioned it resulted in profit So if you only refund that order that should resolve this thread.
First of all it was a misunderstanding about hedging and and News trading, your negative balance loss is completely compensated from that orders you mentioned. So octafx should not be having a problem in compensating a legit order. I will resolve this thread after that